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Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad

Carpet is easily one of the best flooring choices for any home style, but the key to making it look great is regular cleaning, Only one name can help in the world of Carlsbad carpet cleaning – Silver Olas. With the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary, Silver Olas is the right way to get your carpets cleaned now.

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You want the best carpet cleaning in the area, but how can you be certain you’re getting top of the line services without a hefty price tag you didn’t expect? Silver Olas offers free written estimates on every job we do. You’re hiring trained, professional carpet cleaners when you call us, not sub contractors with a truck. All of our IICRC certified technicians know how to make certain your carpet is cleaner than you ever thought possible. Utilizing the safest methods for your carpets and your family members, you’ll get a guaranteed clean that will last longer and keep your home healthier. We even offer some of the fastest during times in the industry.

Cleaner carpets are here now in Carlsbad thanks to Silver Olas. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help deliver the best possible clean for your home or business.

Silver Olas: Carlsbad Carpet Restoration With A 30 Day Guarantee!

Silver Olas are the leading carpet cleaning experts in Carlsbad and the greater San Diego area. We have a 30 day guarantee to prove it! If you have a single problem with our work within 30 days, we will come back and clean your carpets a second time, completely free of charge. 

Silver Olas are certified odor and urine treatment experts. We are trained to clean every kind of carpet type and style, whether natural or synthetic. Our unique carpet cleaning process is guaranteed to be safe for children and pets. Call Silver Olas, the leading experts for carpet cleaning in Carlsbad, at 760-753-0969, to schedule an appointment. 

Carpet Cleaning In Carlsbad Ca Service Package

Our regular cleaning  service package includes the following:

Step 1. Pre Inspection & Free Price Quote

Our trained technician will review your cleaning needs. This will include the condition of your carpet, and the main areas of concern. These areas can include spots, stains, and heavy traffic areas. We'll present you with a cleaning plan, as well as an exact estimate for the extent and cost of our service.

Step 2. Dry Soil Removal (Vacuuming)

If needed, your carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove additional dry soil. We also have a built-in heavy duty vacuum in our van that we use during cleaning to ensure that we thoroughly clean any problem areas. 

Step 3. Furniture Removal

In order to give our customers the best possible carpet cleaning in Carlsbad, we'll move your smaller furniture items to a safe area. This is included in our final estimate. Chairs, coffee tables, end tables, night stands (when requested), and other small items are all part of our package. Please let us know of any additional furniture or valuables that need to be moved before cleaning can commence. We will make arrangements to move them as well.

Step 4. Spot Removal & Pre-Conditioning

In every job, we treat carpets with a pre-conditioning solution to ensure safe dirt removal. Expert spot removal is also used on all spots from pet stains to soda spills to heavy soiling. 

Step 5. How Water Extraction with PURE, CLEAN, TREATED WATER 

Silver Olas conducts carpet cleaning in Carlsbad using water which is heated up to 240 degrees. This produces pure steam which, during cleaning, quickly cuts through grease, oil, and soil. Our enhanced soil water recovery system includes higher vacuum lift settings and a vacuum hose which is 40% larger than the average household unit. It also includes a Teflon super velocity vacuum glide. All of these implements help us recover more dirty water to ensure that you have the cleanest, softest, driest, carpet. Only 2% of other carpet cleaners currently operating on the modern international market place currently possess this technology. For Silver Olas, the leading carpet cleaning in Carlsbad experts, it's all just part of our standard service package!

Step 6. High Speed Drying

Our new 360 degree fan moves at 40 mph right over your carpet, which dries the area within minutes. This technology, along with our vacuum improvements, results in dry carpet within three hours of cleaning.

Step 7. Carpet Protection Application

Our Protection Formula is optional. This special formula can help to keep your carpets cleaner for a much longer period of time. Carpet protection does not guarantee that the carpet can never be soiled again. However, it does mean that spills and spots can be wiped up and cleaned much faster, with much less trace left afterward. 

Carpet Cleaning In Carlsbad Services 

Sometimes carpets will need a bit more than our standard service package. In cases which require more attention, we recommend our special Restorative Carpet Cleaning For Heavy Soiling package. In this package, we follow all of the above listed steps. In addition, during the actual cleaning phase, we'll use specialized technology, including our special pre-spray formula, to help scrub your carpet clean. This will help loosen the embedded soil, which is ideal in the case of seriously dirty carpets.  

Silver Olas is the finest provider of carpet cleaning in Carlsbad. From steam cleaning to dry cleaning, we'll take care of your carpets. Spot Cleaning is included in every package. 

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Silver Olas is established in the greater San Diego area, including Carlsbad, Oceanside, and the surrounding vicinity. Simply give us a call at 760-753-0969, and we will connect you immediately with a live representative, who will consult with you on all of your concerns. When you need quick, expert, carpet cleaning san diego, simply dial the above listed number, and we'll send out a live carpet cleaning technician within a day of your initial contact. We'll provide you with an estimate of the extent and total cost of the job. If you agree to our services, we will begin immediately. 

Silver Olas has an excellent reputation in the industry for prompt, attentive service, with results that few competitors can match or exceed. When you need the best company for the job, don't settle for second rate. Call Silver Olas carpet cleaning oceanside now, and let the cleaning begin! 

Spot Cleaning Carlsbad Ca

Carpet Cleaning in Carlsbad Ca 

Silver Olas provides the best guarantee for carpet cleaning in all Carlsbad. We guarantee after we vaccuum , spot clean, pre condition , steam clean and use our amazing fast dry fans ( carpet dries in hour) that no spots return for 3o days.  All of the listed items are included in every cleaning at no additional cost. You will enjoy our family run service and  your home will be clean and ready for your family and friends in hours. Call the best Carpet / area rug cleaning company now. Free estimates .