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A family-owned and operated company located in Oceanside, Silver Olas offers professional quality results at great prices. For more than a decade, we’ve been keeping carpets throughout San Diego clean. Our commitment to customer service sets us apart from many other companies. We offer guaranteed results and free written estimates every day. We also offer twenty-four hour flood services.

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24 Hour Water Damage Help In San Diego

When water damage happens to your property, the potential for a number of consequences is massive. Water can easily cause thousands of dollars in losses by damaging flooring, carpet, walls, furnishings, electronics, appliances and anything else that gets wet. Water damage also creates the possibility of mold growth, which can be quite expensive to eliminate. While some water damage happens immediately, other kinds of damages can be minimized or prevented if the problem is handled immediately by a professional water damage restoration company.

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Flood Damage? San Diego Residents Turn to Silver Olas For The Best Repairs

Having your home flooded can be a horrible experience. From the moment it happens, though, you can't focus on the experience itself. Instead, there are certain steps that need to be taken immediately. Failure to take these steps can mean your eventual clean-up and repairs are all the more difficult and costly. Flood damage San Diego professionals abound these days, but the best choice you can make in this department is Silver Olas.

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San Diego Carpet Cleaning - Should I DIY?

Everyone wants a nice clean carpet in their homes, and sometimes, people believe the best way to do that is renting one of those tiny carpet cleaning machines at the local discount store. It makes sense for some. After all, your carpet might at least get a bit cleaner right? Actually, that's not the case. A number of things can go wrong if you're trying to DIY in San Diego. Carpet cleaning is tougher than you think.

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Need Tile Cleaning? San Diego's Own Silver Olas Can Help

Think your floors and tile surfaces have lost their shine and luster? You may need professional tile cleaning. San Diego residents often turn to Silver Olas for tile cleaning services, and for good reason. A Super Service Award recipient from Angie's List, Silver Olas is the name to know in tile cleaning in the San Diego area. Need a good tile cleaning? Learn what they can do for your floors now!

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Water Damage? San Diego Residents Turn to Silver Olas

The last thing you want is water throughout your home, but it happens more than you think. In cases of water damage, San Diego residents often turn to Silver Olas for help. With a 24-hour emergency helpline, Silver Olas can help you deal with water damage quickly before it becomes a serious issue for your home. Aside from calling us, though, what should you do to deal with water damage problems? These tips can help.

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3 Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Thinking of having a professional carpet cleaning? San Diego residents routinely enlist the services of companies like Silver Olas to have their carpets professionally cleaned, and for good reason. This kind of service offers some very real benefits outside of cleaner, fresher carpets. If you're still on the fence about whether to have your carpets cleaned, though, understanding just what those benefits are may help. Take a look at a few of the best.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Everyone has had to have a carpet cleaned at one time or another, either professionally, or spot cleaning it ourselves. Actually, there are wrong ways and right ways to cleaning a carpet, but the most important lesson of all is proper care and maintenance.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaning is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your home, and to your health.  Dirty carpets can hide bacteria, dirt, and even mold that affect the quality of air in your home.  With Silver Olas’s carpet cleaning service, you will notice the difference a clean carpet makes in your home.  When you walk on your clean carpet, your feet will be cushioned; when you breathe in deeply, you will smell the sweet scent of…nothing.  Cleaning also eliminates odors from pet accidents, tobacco, and food spills.  Life is messy but your carpet doesn’t have to be. 

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Carpet Care

Carpet and rug cleaning services make the task of cleaning the carpets and rugs in your home into an effortless task. In most cases the cleaning service will take care of any furniture moving that might be involved, and ask only that the homeowners remove their valuables from that furniture so as to ensure their safety. While you may have to move a few objects of value, the cleaning service will take care of everything else, leaving you with little work and a beautiful carpet.

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