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 Stone Cleaning and Polishing in Carlsbad

We recommend two times per week for cleaning tile and grout.  The biggest advice a professional tile cleaner can give is to not mop the floor with dirty mop or water.  The old mopping spreads the dirt around in the water and it ends up in the grout.  If using a mop, it is best to rinse it out in the sink completely and often to prohibit the spreading of dirt around.

Step 1:  Remove loose soil by vacuuming with a hard floor attachment or sweeping with a good broom

Step 2:  Have a floor cleaning solution or spray bottle for the appropriate floor. if  you are cleaning stone or cleaning travertine floors, make sure your cleaning agent is made or states that it is for stones  (marble , granite, travertine, etc)  for ceramic or porcelain, a tile cleaning solution can be used that is acidic which can clean better in many circumstances.

Step 3:  After spraying your tile or stone floors in a small area, use a micro fiber swifter to clean and scrub floors.  Next, make sure not to slip and rinse the micro fiber cloth as often as needed.  You will need to do the same if you use older style mops or sponge style mops.

There is no easy way to clean the grout areas.  Small bristle brushes can be purchased at home depot. Take a small section and apply cleaner and scrub dirty grout then make sure to rinse out cleaned area well with water after your done. This can be done with a pump up sprayer equipped for water.  Spray grout area, then wipe with towel or mop. Make sure to rinse mop often and apply sealer to grout after rinse has dried completely.

For those not interested in doing this yourself, Silver Olas carpet and tile cleaning will be happy to take over this intense chore and simplify your life.  With our equipment and training, we can achieve great results and restore your dirty tile and grout to its original state of cleanliness.  We can seal the grout with our impregnator sealer which will waterproof the grout or stone, ultimately protecting it from spills and mishaps.


Carlsbad Tile and Grout Cleaning

Need Carlsbad tile and grout cleaning from a professional company? You're not alone. Tile and stone floors make your home look incredible and can last a long time when they are properly maintained. On occasion, they need to be cleaned and polished to keep them looking as they once did. Silver Olas has the technology and the know how to clean your floors and can safely clean and revitalize them so they look like new. Give us a call and one of our Carlsbad tile and grout cleaning specialists will make your tile and stone floors look amazing. No matter what it takes, Silver Olas has the technology and expertise to take care of your floors.