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Carpet Care

Carpet Care Cleaning Services

On the day of the cleaning, representatives from the cleaning service will inspect your carpets and rugs prior to starting the work of cleaning them. During this inspection they are making note of high-traffic and highly-soiled areas in order to pay special attention to them during the service. Be sure that you’re present for this inspection, as the representatives may have questions about ways they can serve you better. When the inspection is over the work begins, and the first step is to move all of the furniture off the carpets and rugs to be cleaned first.

Carpet Care Pre-Treatment

The cleaning service will then probably submit certain areas of the carpets and rugs to a special pre-treatment procedure. This ensures that even those highly soiled and trodden areas of your carpets and rugs will look just like the rest of the floor when all is said and done.

Finally, the cleaning service will then clean your floor using the method, or methods, that they specialize in. This process may take a while, and you’ll probably want to be out of the house while it is in progress. If you’re not sure when to return, one of the service’s representatives will probably be able to tell you approximately how long the process will take for your home.

Carpet Protection

Once all of your carpets and rugs have been cleaned, the service will usually complete the process with a deodorizer and perhaps a protecting agent as well. Their work is done when your furniture has been returned to place and a final inspection has been completed. All that’s left for you to do is remember to leave the furniture pads in place until the carpet has completely dried, and to remove your shoes at the front door!


 Carpet Care San Diego

Professional carpet care is just around the corner! Silver Olas, the premier tile and floor cleaning service in the San Diego area, has the technology and the knowledge to be able to get your carpets back to the brighter and cleaner state that they once had. Our carpet cleaning services will not only clean your carpets, but will also remove allergens, odors, smoke, spots, spills, pet dander and those awful pet accidents that can occasionally happen. To learn about our services and prices, give us a call today. We are here to meet your entire floor cleaning needs, across every type of flooring surface in your home.