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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

One good carpet cleaning tip is to never rub a carpet stain. You may smear the stain and make it worse and harder to clean, or worse yet, make it permanent. The best approach is to cover the stain with a towel and put something heavy on top. Leave it as long as overnight, take it off, and then clean as you normally would. The stain has had the chance to be "lifted," and is now ready for a cleaning.

Neutralize Pet Odor 

Urine stains and odors from pets can be a problem. Always blot as much as possible up first. There are some good products out there for those particular problems. Peroxide and detergents are the ingredients used and they help neutralize the odor.

Another tip for carpet cleaning is to never use a blow dryer or the like. You run the risk of permanently setting in the stain. Match the type of stain to a particular cleaning product. Different stains require different cleaners. Do a little research. Cheap cleaners are just that. It is worthwhile to spend a little more on a good cleaner.

Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaners

Professional rug and carpet cleaners provide many services that can help your carpet look new again. Besides using professional cleansers, their products also help your floors dry faster. They have the products that specialize in pet and urine stain and odors, specialty removal products, professional equipment, and stain protectors. Most offer upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning and oriental rug cleaning. You can also find more carpet cleaning tips and advice from our professional rug and carpet cleaners on our website.


Carpet Cleaning Services

Need some helpful carpet cleaning tips? We're here for you. Our carpet cleaning services are simply amazing and have allowed Silver Olas to become the premier carpet cleaning service in the San Diego area, but we don't stop there. We also provide cleaning services for the entire home and provide superior cleaning services for tile, stone, furniture, rugs and wood floors. Additionally, we offer 24 hour emergency flood services and have a 24-hour water damage hotline so you will always be able to reach us. We will have someone on the phone with you immediately and have the appropriate response expert sent to your home or business promptly.