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Cleaning and Stone Polishing - San Diego Homeowners Guide

A natural stone floor can be an absolutely beautiful addition to any home. It is the perfect solution for any entryway or landing, and it can be gorgeous in just about any room. Because stone is a natural product, special care needs to be taken when it comes to cleaning it, and you may want to consider hiring a professional company to handle stone polishing. San Diego homeowners who have stone know why. It's tough to care for!

A Few Helpful Stone Cleaning Tips

There are a few things that you should always do right off. First, always make sure that you take care of any dust or sand from the surface of the stone. This will mean sweeping the floor regularly and cleaning up any sort of spills or accidents as soon as possible. If you allow any sort of spill to linger for any length of time, you may wind up leaving marks or stains on the stone. In addition to that, there are several things you shouldn't, and a few you should, do to keep your floor looking amazing.

The Don’ts

While there are a lot of things you should do to keep your stone floor clean, there are a lot of things that you should avoid as well.

  • Don’t use any sort of acidic cleaners to clean the stone.This includes things like vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Don’t use any abrasive cleaners or “soft” cleaners.
  • Keep away from bleach and ammonia products.
  • Don’t mix chemicals together

The Do’s

While there are plenty of don’ts, there are plenty of do’s as well.

  • Do make sure that you protect stone floors that are near an entryway with non slip mats. This will help prevent your family or guests from bringing in any loose dirt or mud.
  • Do make sure that you frequently dust and mop your stone floor.
  • Do make sure that you deep clean your floor fairly regularly. Hiring a company for stone floor polishing in San Diego once or twice a year can help to keep your stone floors looking great for a much longer time than if you were to only clean them yourself.
  • Do make sure that you clean up any spills or messes that happen as quickly as you can.
  • Do make sure to use placemats and coasters on stone tables or countertops.

If it’s taken care of properly, natural stone can last a very long time and can look amazing. The key is to take care of it regularly and to deep clean it a few times a year to really keep it looking impressive.