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Waiting on Emergency Flood Service? Oceanside Residents Can Do These Three Things!

When you're in a water damage situation, you may be so overwhelmed you have absolutely no idea what to do. What steps are you supposed to take while you're waiting on your emergency flood service? Oceanside residents who have been in your shoes have discovered there are really three things you can do immediately.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Safety

Water and today's homes don't mix well. There are too many dangers when flooding occurs. Before you enter an affected area, make certain the power is off in that area. Electrical hazards abound in a flood situation, so be very careful that it won't be an issue for you. Beyond those electrical hazards, though, are the potential for slip and fall problems that are very present in a flood area as well. If it's not safe to go in or you don't feel comfortable going in, wait until your emergency flood service arrives to do so.

Step 2: Gather Loose Items

If you can go in your home, the best next step is to gather any loose items you can. Keep in mind that wet materials can be quite heavy, so be careful while lifting. The sooner you can get everything out of the flooded area, though, the sooner you can begin to encourage the drying process. Furniture, drapes, bedding, clothing, and nearly everything else should be moved to a dry area so it can be cleaned, disinfected, then begin to dry itself.

Step 3: Mop Up Excess Water Where Possible

The last step you'll want to take on your own may not be possible if there's too much water. If you can, you should begin to mop up any excess water. In the event that you're dealing with a flood from contaminated water, though, do not move forward and take this step. Your emergency flood service can help you better eliminate contaminated flood waters in a safe manner. If, however, you're dealing with clean water, it's okay to begin mopping up and removing as much excess water as you can from the area.

24 Hour Flood Service in Oceanside CA

Floods can be a serious problem, especially when they're in your living room. Let Silver Olas serve as your emergency flood experts. With 24 hour, fast response service, we'll help you tackle your worst nightmare. To learn more about our services, give us a call today.