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Get Emergency Flood Service in San Diego

Approximately two hundred citizens of the United States are killed by flash flooding each year. High waters can come in quickly and with great force. Unfortunately, this can catch people off guard. Cars can be swept away. Trees can fall. And, people can be injured or killed in the high waters.

Flooding in California? Really?

California residents are not immune to flood waters. In this state, over the course of 24 years, more than $300 million dollars was paid out by flood insurance companies to compensate those whose properties were damaged by high waters. The good news is that these properties do not always have to be demolished or abandoned due to the damage done. For those impacted, there is emergency flood service. San Diego is served by Silver Olas water damage and cleaning services.

The Damage Left By Floods

There are many ways that flood waters can cause damage to your home or office. Not all of them will be immediately evident when the waters recede. Though you may see the obvious need for the advanced drying techniques offers by Silver Olas, in order to preserve your carpeting, hardwood, or other flooring. However, flood waters can also cause structural damage, electrical damage, or contaminate the drinking water. Things like these may not be clear to the untrained eyes.

Call Us Now

Silver Olas is ready with a 24/7 live call line, prepared to handle your need for emergency flood service. San Diego residents, though, may need to have properties properly inspected, to ensure there wasn’t structural damage, before they call for clean-up services. Structural damage is often a result of the intense force of incoming waters, which push on walls, and by water seeping up from beneath the foundation of the home. This can cause cracking, crumbling, or shifting that may make it unsafe for homeowners to inhabit the space.

Remember, though, there is help. Your flood insurance policy should cover the cost of repair or replacement. And, once your property is deemed safe, you can call on emergency flood service. San Diego residents impacted by flood waters may be able to preserve their homes after the waters have left.