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Flood Damage Repair? Water Needs To Be Dried Up Quickly

For those who have experienced flood damage, you know it’s not easy to clean up. All sorts of potential problems follow flood damage, including mold and mildew attaching to drywall and carpets. Cleaning up from flood damage can be very messy. Flood damage repair in San Diego can be handled by Silver Olas efficiently because they have the tools and knowledge at their disposal to be able to respond fast for emergency water damage repair 24/7.

Causes Of Floods

Many factors can cause excess water to find its way into your home in areas where it shouldn’t be. These factors include anything from a natural disaster, to a burst pipe, to a washing machine overflowing, to a toilet issue, or a dishwater leak. Whatever the cause, you know you want to get excess water out of there as fast as you can.

Flood Damage

Water rolling over your nice wood, stone, or tile floors is just part of the damages that can be attributed to floods. You can also sustain damages to electronics, walls, furniture, clothing, and anything that’s in the way of the water let loose in your home. You need to get it removed and the areas dried as quickly as possible to prevent more problems.

Removing Water

Once the threat of flood waters has receded, removing the water that has gotten inside your house is a priority. Save what you can from getting wet, or getting any further water damage, and move as much as possible to dry areas. Towels can help, depending on the amount and flow of the water, but only for a short time. Water from the flood should be removed as quickly and efficiently as possible; often that means a need for specialized tools and large fans.

Drying Floors

Trained professionals are your best bet to salvage as much as you can from the flood waters and reduce the amount of damage to your home. Drying fans, heat dryers, and dehumidifiers can be a big help. Silver Olas uses a 360-degree fan that can pump air at 40 mph. A quick-drying fan at this speed can be a big help in preventing the start of mold growth in both walls and carpets.

Mold And Mildew

After waters have entered your home during a flood, there is always a chance of mold and mildew occurring if you don’t get the floors, walls, and carpets dried quickly and thoroughly. Deodorizing and disinfecting the areas affected can help prevent mold and mildew. If drywall has been affected, you want to get that damage repaired.

Silver Olas is your flood restoration expert. If you have experienced damaging floods, call us today.