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Flood Damage? San Diego Residents Turn to Silver Olas For The Best Repairs

Having your home flooded can be a horrible experience. From the moment it happens, though, you can't focus on the experience itself. Instead, there are certain steps that need to be taken immediately. Failure to take these steps can mean your eventual clean-up and repairs are all the more difficult and costly. Before you take any steps, you must make certain that you and your family are safe, so if you need to evacuate, you should do so immediately. When you do return home, make certain your electricity is off and you are wearing protective clothing in case the water is contaminated. Flood damage San Diego professionals abound these days, but the best choice you can make in this department is Silver Olas.

Start Here....

Stop The Water

Your first step is to stop that water. If your home is flooded because of a busted pipe, turn the water off. If your sump-pump malfunctioned, replace it before continuing rains make the flooding even worse. The key is to make sure additional water doesn't flow into your home, and while that can be complex in some situations, you can't really begin the cleanup effort until put an end to the water flow.

Begin The Drying Process

You now want to begin the process of drying out your house. Once the water flow has ended, you will then need to remove the water from your home. If you do this yourself, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the last of the water once enough of the standing water has been eliminate. This is an essential step because even after all of the water is removed, there will still be moisture in your home, and this can cause mold and damage your walls, flooring and carpet.  If you have power in your home you can use portable fans, a dehumidifier and your air conditioning to dry out your house.

Call Your Insurance

You will also want to call out your insurance company so that they can assess the damage and begin your repairs to the flood damage. San Diego residents have learned that the sooner you contact them the better. You should also begin documenting your damages by taking photographs of every step of the process.

Clean Up Water Damage

The next step is the cleaning up your damages. The amount of damage dictates whether you handle this step or a professional does. No matter who does it, you will need to determine what is salvageable and what needs to be thrown away. Some items are likely so water damaged that they are too dangerous to keep, so this step needs to be taken right away.

Water Damage Repair and Reconstruction

The final step is to make repairs. Flooring and carpeting may need to be cleaned or replaced, walls may need to be repaired, electricity may need to be repaired and your personal property may need to be replaced or cleaned.

Failure to properly clean and repair the home can lead to severe and costly damage that can affect the safety and value of your home, so it’s important to call in a professional as early as possible. If you’re in the San Diego area, call Silver Olas' 24-hour water damage hotline. Silver Olas employs a team of IICRC technicians who will help you as soon as you call. If you're dealing with flood damage, San Diego professionals Silver Olas are here to help!