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Purchasing a Hardwood Floor? Oiling May Be Your Best Bet

When you think of hardwood floors, you likely think of the floors that were in your grandparents home. The truth is that flooring has changed a great deal since your grandparents built their home. Not only can you get all sorts of different types of flooring, you can get new styles of old favorites in the world of the hard wood floor, oiling is one of those trends. But what are hardwood floors? Are oiled floors better than traditional hardwood floors? And when should you purchase them?

What is Hardwood Floor Oiling?

Hardwood floor oiling is the process of adhering an oil to the floor rather than using a polyurethane base. Traditionally, when you put in a hardwood floor, you coat the top of the wood with a type of polyurethane. You may stain it first, but the final step is to put a coat of poly over the floor to protect it. The reason being that the polyurethane finish create a barrier between the wood and everything else. This is supposed to protect the wood and keep it beautiful.

But anyone who has a traditional hardwood floor knows that it can still be fairly easily damaged. Hardwood floor oiling is a different way to protect your flooring. Instead of putting a polyurethane on top of the wood, an oil is placed on it which then soaks into the wood, actually changing the properties of the wood and making it much more protected while giving it an almost matte finish look.

Should I Get an Oiled Hardwood Floor?

Most experts recommend that if you’re going to be doing a lot of entertaining, hardwood floor oiling may be the best way to go. This is because this type of hardwood floor is much more sturdy and can handle foot traffic a great deal better than traditional hardwood floors. With hardwood floor oiling, you don’t have to worry as much if someone wearing heels comes to the party, although it’s a good idea to still refrain from wearing cleats on them, or in the house in general!

It’s important to note that while hardwood floors that are oiled are much stronger than traditional hardwood floors, they are still more vulnerable than other forms of flooring. Getting these types of floors cleaned properly on a regular basis is also key to ensuring that they look great for a long time. If you’re interested in oiled hardwood floors, companies like Harris Wood Floors and Appalachian Flooring are great places to begin your search for the perfect oiled hardwood floor.