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Oiled Wood Floor Maintenance Tips

oiled wood floors maintenanceOil finished wood floors are nothing short of beautiful. As the oil finish soaks into the wood floors over time, it not only enhances that beauty, but it makes the wood surface much tougher, helping to protect your floors over time. As amazing as these floors are, though, they can be tough to care for. What can you do to protect them for a lifetime? These tips can help.

Floor Cleaning Tips

    • Stop the Dirt Before It Starts: You can keep quite a bit of dirt out of your home if you use a combination of rugs and a no-shoes-in-the-house policy. Place protective mats at the entry points to your house. They’ll help to collect dirt and keep moisture off of your floors. You’ll also want to have everyone remove their shoes before they come into your home. That will keep people from tracking dirt into your home.
    • Make a Cleaning Routine: You’ll want to clean your oiled wood floors on a daily basis. That will help to remove any dust and dirt before it actually scratches up the surface of your floor. You’ll want to sweep daily with a microfiber dust mop and vacuum on an as needed basis. When it’s time to mop, keep water to a minimum and use only cleaners labeled for oiled wood floors.
    • Exclude Chemical Solutions: Many people believe a good cleaning means a soap and water mop followed by an all-purpose cleaner to help disinfect. You’ll want to avoid that with your wood floor. Too much or regular water use on your floor can damage it and many cleaners will leave a dull residue behind that will damage your floor over time.

Professional Oiled Wood Floors

While these tips can help keep your oiled floor clean and in good condition on a regular basis, it’s also always a good idea to get some professional help. Silver Olas can offer you a bi-annual professional cleaning that will rejuvenate the finish of your oiled wood floor and nurture the wood underneath. We specialize in oiled wood floors maintenance, and we’ll be happy to help you protect your floors and extend their lifespan.

Oiled wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they aren’t like other floor options. Careful regular cleanings along with professional oiled wood floor help on a bi-annual basis will ensure that your floors get the help they need most to look great in the years to come.