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Why Turn to Professional Carpet Cleaners in San Diego for Help?

There are many reasons why you may call Silver Olas for help in your home. However, one of the most frequently requested services is carpet cleaning. This is something that really does require the professional equipment a certain level of expertise to be done well. Regular vacuuming will help extend the life of your carpet, but it is also necessary to call in a professional carpet cleaners. San Diego residents often turn to Silver Olas for one of the following reasons.

Unwanted Carpet Stains & Party Reminders

Red wine on white carpet; there is a reason why so many stain-removing solutions use this combination to showcase the prowess of their new products. Unfortunately, it does happen. Wine, soda, as well as many other foods and beverages can really wreak havoc on carpeting. This is why Silver Olas is often called into San Diego residences after big parties. The carpets often need to stain treatment as well as a general, over all cleaning to restore them after a big event.

Kids or Pet Carpet Stains

Both are meant to be loved, but even when properly cherished, kids and animals do cause messes. Whether you are paper training a new puppy in your home, or you have a toddler who has a fascination with markers, there is a good chance your carpets are showing signs of it. This is where the Silver Olas team can be extremely helpful. With regular carpet cleaning, it is possible to maintain the usual beauty of your home while fully appreciating the adventurous spirit of your child or the playful habits of your new pup.

Carpet Odor

When carpet has been in a home for several years, without proper and professional cleaning, it can begin to stink. This odor can be the first thing to greet you at the door when you enter. Furthermore, it can discourage you from fully enjoying the carpeting. However, this problem can be resolved with a call to the Silver Olas carpet cleaners. San Diego residents can enjoy beautiful, good-smelling carpet once again.

Annual Carpet Cleaning

For some, it isn’t a particular stain, smell, or other problem that prompts a call to Silver Olas. For some, regular maintenance is the goal. Annual professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended, as it really can drastically improve the life span of your flooring. So, if it’s been more than a year since your carpet was cleaned, call Silver Olas today!