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San Diego Carpet Cleaning - Should I DIY?

Everyone wants a nice clean carpet in their homes, and sometimes, people believe the best way to do that is renting one of those tiny carpet cleaning machines at the local discount store. It makes sense for some. After all, your carpet might at least get a bit cleaner right? Actually, that's not the case. A number of things can go wrong if you're trying to DIY in San Diego. Carpet cleaning is tougher than you think.

Size Does Matter When it Comes to Carpet Cleaning

Those small machines that you can find at your local market are small for a reason. If they were any larger, people wouldn’t rent them since getting them home would be too difficult. In fact, they're not actually designed to offer you a solid clean. A small machine means a small motor, which means less heat and water pressure. It also means a decrease in suction ability. In San Diego, carpet cleaning professionals like Silver Olas offer a more professional level of clean, with the ability to truly scrub your carpets, something those tiny DIY machines just don't offer.

The Potential for Carpet Damage

In addition to using inferior equipment when you DIY, you may also end up with serious problems. After all of your hard work, you could end up with a costly repair job. Thanks to the lack of suction, you could have damp carpet on your hands for days on end. That can create a mold problem in your home. Additionally, it could cause your carpet to delaminate or shrink. What's more, you may end up with some discoloration. None of these issues occur, though, when you contact a professional carpet cleaning company like Silver Olas.

San Diego Carpet Cleaning Done Right

Cleaning your carpet doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful or cause damage to your carpet. Instead it can be quite easy by simply calling Silver Olas. We are a family owned business and our service area extends across the entire San Diego area and you can always expect quality service and a 100% guarantee with our service. Carpet cleaning is something you just can't afford to get wrong. Professional carpet cleaning can make a world of difference in your home. It will not only look and smell cleaner, it will actually improve the air quality in your home too. Don't create further problems in your home by trying DIY carpet cleaning. Instead, contact us today!