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Tile floors are nothing short of beautiful, and they come with a number of different advantages. One of the advantages of tiles is that they are relatively low maintenance and normally need only a bit of time and energy to keep them clean and maintained. Not sure where to begin? These tips can help make your tile look amazing.

Daily Tile Floor Maintenance

The best way to keep your tile floor clean is to regularly sweep or vacuum them before the dirt can settle into the tile. You should also clean up any dirt or spills before they have a chance to set. This can easily be done with a mop or soft cloth and some hot water with a very mild detergent. Make certain that you change the water frequently while moping so that you’re not cleaning your floors with dirty water.

Turning to a San Diego Tile Cleaning Service That Can Help

Sometimes tiles can be somewhat difficult to clean, and this is normally for one of two reasons. When tiles are installed and grouted, there will usually be some grout that is left on the surface of the tile. This residue needs to be buffed off or it will actually attract dirt and your tiles will seem to be continually dirty. Another reason you may be seeing dirty tiles is that if you use a detergent to clean your tiles some detergents can leave a film on the tile and this can actually trap dirt. If either of these situations occurs, it may be time to phone a tile cleaner to help make your floors look amazing once more.

You may also want to call in a professional San Diego tile cleaning service if the grout between the tiles becomes discolored and grimy. The best way to take care of this problem and make certain this will not happen is to have a professional floor cleaning company seal it after you have had your tile installed. This will make certain that your grout continues to look amazing and will keep water, dirt and stains from seeping into your grout.

In San Diego, the one name to know in professional tile cleaning is Silver Olas. We have the knowledge and equipment to clean your tiles so they will look amazing. We use cleaners that are safe for your tiles and also use machine scrubbing, hand brushing and polishing and then use high heat rinsing that will eliminate any film on your tiles. We then, hand wipe your tiles so they look stunning. We can also apply a protective sealant that will keep your tiles safe from spills and damage. Give us a call today to learn more.