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Stone Floor Cleaning Tips You Need Now

There’s a touch of elegance that any type of stone floor, such as onyx, travertine and marble, can add to your home. Adding stone to your countertops or fireplace mantel is great, but when you put natural stone on your flooring you get an amazingly gorgeous look to your home that not only makes it more elegant but also makes it feel more warm and cozy. Homeowners who have never had stone floors, however, tend to be nervous about the idea of having to clean their floors. While stone floor cleaning can be tricky, here are a few tips that should help you in your quest to keep your floors looking great.

Clean Your Stone Floor Daily

By this we don’t mean to put a cleaning fluid on it and wipe it every day, but we do mean that you should definitely use a broom and dustpan every day. Stone floors often have crevices that you have to worry about. If you choose to sweep only once a week or so, the debris is much more likely to get caught in your stone floor, and anyone who has stone floors knows that getting debris out is a serious annoyance. By sweeping daily, you’re seriously lowering the possibility of getting crumbs and debris stuck in the cracks and crevices which makes a thorough cleaning, when it’s time, much easier.

Use pH-neutral Soap

When you want to wipe up your floor it’s important that you use a pH-neutral soap. It sounds tricky but in actuality it’s basically dish soap. Most dish soap is pH-neutral and is fine to use to wipe up any messes that happen on your stone floors. If you’re unsure if your soap is okay for your floor, find a little spot that is either hidden under a piece of furniture or that is out of the way and test the soap and water on that spot. This will help you to know, for sure, if the soap will work well for stone floor cleaning.

Hire Stone Cleaning Professionals 

Finally, it’s important to know when you can do something and when you need help. In our DIY crazy world, many people assume that they can do almost everything in their home themselves. The truth is, however, that sometimes you need to have an expert help you out. If you regularly hire a professional company like Silver Olas to handle your stone floor cleaning you’ll find that the floor stays in better shape for a much longer time. Between regular, professional stone floor cleanings and regular home cleanings, your floor should keep adding elegance and style to your home.