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Understanding Stone Floor Restoration in San Diego

When you install natural stone in your home, you have an expectation that it will last forever. It is, after all, stone. But things can happen that can cause your stone to need to be replaced. Maybe someone dropped something heavy on the stone and it chipped, or maybe the wrong cleaning product was used on it, and the stone needs to be repaired or resealed. Stone restoration is a process during which the stone that is worn or chipped or needs any other sort of repaired is fixed so that it’s back to the way it was when it was installed. This type of process can only be done by a company that specializes in stone floor restoration in San Diego like Silver Olas Tile and Stone Cleaning.

How Does Stone Floor Restoration Work?

Installing stone seems to make sense, but many homeowners can’t get their minds around how a piece of stone will be repaired. First, let’s talk about how experts get rid of any sort of damage like scratches. They can do a process known as diamond grinding. This process actually grinds away a layer or two of the stones so that any blemishes have been removed. If a stone floor is restored with diamonds it will actually retain it’s look for a very long amount of time, much longer than by any other method. Diamond restoration may cost more but it will have to be done much less frequently than any other type of stone floor restoration. San Diego experts like Silver Olas can help you with any type of stone restoration and repair.

The same process is done if there is a chip in the stone. If the chunk is too large than the piece may need to be fully replaced, but it might be possible for the expert repair crew to work a little magic and only replace a small piece of the stone, depending on what is broken.

Stone Floor Polishing

As for the polishing, natural stone doesn’t need any sort of wax or topical coating as long as it’s polished correctly by a master technician. If done correctly you’ll see that the finish really “pops” and looks amazing without the need of any sort of artificial coating.

Getting your stonework repaired may seem like a bill that you don’t want to pay, but if you have your stone fixed up professionally regularly you’ll find that not only does the stone look amazing throughout the life of the house, it also will stay cleaner easier as well.