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Tile and Stone Cleaning: San Diego Professionals You Can Trust

That beautiful stone flooring really captures a guest’s eye when you entertain. You get compliments on your tile work every time you have company. Don’t you want to make sure you’re keeping it looking its best? Believe it or not, even if you keep a spotless home, that may not be enough to ensure your tile or stonework keeps its aesthetic look. You need a professional in tile and stone cleaning. San Diego professionals Silver Olas can meet all of your needs.

Tile and Stone Cleaning Specialists are a Must

It should go without saying a professional should specialize in cleaning tile, grout and stone, but in many instances it simply must be reiterated again. Some cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning services, offer to also clean tile and stonework, but they cannot do an adequate job. For one thing, carpet cleaning machines, simply do not have the kind of high pressure steam required to do a professional job, not to mention the skill and know-how to clean, seal and restore your tile and grout. Always make sure the person working on your quality flooring specializes in your types of flooring.

Every Tile or Stone Floor is Different

No tile installation is the same. Each project is unique and requires specific cleaning products, sealers and techniques to get the job done properly. A professional will be able to tell if you need any specialized products to ensure you get the best clean and that your tile and stone work not only look their best, but are conditioned against wear and tear as well.

Professional Cleaning Equipment Makes a Tremendous Difference

This is a far better clean than you can do yourself with your own cleaning tools. Tile and grout cleaning by a professional involves a high pressure multi jet rotating steam cleaning tool hooked to a (usually) truck mounted steam cleaning machine. A cleaning disk protects from splash or overspray and a powerful hose extracts all the excess grime, dirt and cleaning agents. Safe and effective, you are left with a thoroughly clean process that you cannot replicate on your own.

Professional Techniques

A professional tile cleaner can take a look at your particular flooring and determine the best course of action to take. Ceramic tile differs from marble or granite tile and the cleaning solutions vary as well. Putting something too harsh on your tile can result in etched or damaged tiles or tiles that simply won’t come clean. Again, your floor is unique, and a professional can help determine the right course of action for you.

Tile and Stone Cleaning San Diego

For tile and stone cleaning, San Diego residents know one name - Silver Olas. Our family owned business takes pride in our quality of work and the look of your stone and tile.