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Choosing a Tile Cleaning Company: San Diego Professionals Offer a Better Clean

That clean and gleaming tile and grout makes your home look beautiful. Nothing says “sparkling clean” like a shiny tile surface. But over time and with use, you will eventually have to deal with grime and buildup. Cleaning your tiles regularly yourself only goes so far. At some point, for both maintenance purposes and to ensure you protect the quality of your tiles, you will need to hire a professional tile cleaning company. San Diego has many to offer, and here are some top tips to help you ensure that you get the professional tile cleaning experience you have in mind from your tile cleaning company.

Testing, Testing!

Have the contractor do a tile cleaning sample when they come to do your estimate. (And make sure they come to your property before giving you an estimate!) A top quality professional will do a test sample to get a sense of how clean they can get your tile or whether a color-sealer will be beneficial for sealing your tile. This will also help you get a sense of what to expect after your tile has been cleaned and sealed!

Discuss the Cleaning Process

Every floor is different, and what works for someone else’s ceramic tile may wreak havoc on your granite tile! Before the professional goes to work, discuss any specialized techniques and applications for your flooring, as well as any specific cleaning solutions that may be used. High grade, professional quality cleaning chemicals are specifically formulated to combat mold, mildew and other stains specific to tile and grout without damaging floors.

Consider your Daily Use

Many areas of a home that are tiled receive heavy use, such as the bathroom areas or the kitchen. Talk with your professional about the way your tiles experience wear and tear so you can determine a long term care plan to keep it in its best condition.Do you need tile restoration? How old is your grout work? All these questions play a roll in getting the best professional treatment possible. Proper care of tiled areas can sometimes prove to be too much for the average homeowner, and calling in an expert is best.

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