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Tile Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

tile cleaning coronavirusIf there’s one thing you love about your home, it’s the tile floors, but what do you do when they start to look grimy? It’s simple to spruce back up your home and make it look wonderful, as long as you know these tile cleaning do’s and don’ts.

When It Comes To Tile Cleaning Products

Don’t: Use the wrong cleaning product. It can lead to permanent damage to your beautiful tile floors. Ammonium-based cleaners or steel wool on your floors are both out. They can scrape up the tiles and even discolor them. It’s also unwise to use pot and pan sponges or rough scrubbing powders on your floors, as they will also scratch the tile.

Do: Use cleaners specifically designed to help your tile and grout look shiny and new. Instead of using abrasive materials to clean dirt and grime off of your floors, use soft cloths, mops, or sponges.

Don’t: Use too much water with those soft mops and sponges as you clean. Too much water can seep underneath your floor and create a host of mold and mildew issues to deal with in the future. Instead, gently dry your tile floors with a hand towel after you’re done with the mop.

Understanding When It’s Time To Clean Your Tile 

Don’t: Leave your tiles to sit until they visibly look dirty or grungy can help to grind dirt and dust into your tiles and grout, creating a permanent look that won’t reflect well on you or your home.

Do: Sweep daily and mop twice a week to make sure that no stain sets into your tile.

Don’t: Leave any spills sitting on your floor, either, because those can seep in beneath the floor and leave a permanent stain. 

Knowing How To Protect Your Tile

Don’t: Avoid having a professional tile cleaning company seal your floors on a regular basis. Once your floors are clean, you’re going to want to make sure they stay that way. Many types of tile require sealant, which can help protect your floors and make them last longer. It will also keep them looking shiny and new for as long as you want! Professional tile cleanners can help make that happen.

Do: Keep your tile in tip-top shape with rugs. Hallway runners, welcome mats, and everything in between will keep a layer between your tile and the dirt on your shoes, keeping your home nice and clean in the meantime.

Don’t: Hesitate to call Silver Olas for answers to all of your tile cleaning do’s and don’ts questions. We’re always here to help you get the most out of your tile floors.