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Water Damage? San Diego Residents Turn to Silver Olas

The last thing you want is water throughout your home, but it happens more than you think. In cases of water damage, San Diego residents often turn to Silver Olas for help. With a 24-hour emergency helpline, Silver Olas can help you deal with water damage quickly before it becomes a serious issue for your home. Aside from calling us, though, what should you do to deal with water damage problems? These tips can help.

Unplug Everything

The best thing you can do is unplug all of your electrical appliances immediately following the onslaught of the water. The sooner you get all of your stuff out of the way, the sooner you can begin restoring and protecting it. Water and electrical appliances just don't mix, so if possible, cut off the power to the affected area. Get as much of your stuff out as you can before we ever arrive.

Let Us Help You Eliminate the Water

Once you call us, our first step is to help you get rid of the water. Before we ever get there, you can utilize old towels, mops, and more to soak up what you can. You may also want to try to pull up any carpets and underpadding so we can help you dry things out a bit. Remember that carpet and its underpadding frequently acts like a sponge, so getting it out of the way as soon as possible is an absolute must.

Dry It Out

The next step in the process is where we can help the most. Our equipment can help you make sure your floors and walls don't suffer the consequences in the long run. We'll work to make certain absolutely everything in your home is as dry is possible. Our technology works to absorb moisture and dehumidify your home, returning things to normal.

Disinfect What You Can and Prevent Mold Problems

The water from your flood probably isn't very clean, so disinfecting is an essential step. Any place the flood waters sat will need to be disinfected, including your floors, drywalls, and beams. This will help prevent potential problems that resulted from the water damage as time goes by.

At Silver Olas, we'll not only help you deal with the initial problems of water damage San Diego residents often face, we'll also help you understand what the next steps might be. Call our 24-hour water damage helpline any time of the day or night to get a professional team to help you tackle the problem quickly.