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What to Do with Fresh Pet Stains on Carpet?

You love your pets, but there's no way you love the little messes they sometimes leave around your house.

If you're not having success with stain removal on carpets after your dog or cat has had an accident, try these tips.

Act Fast to Beat Stains

To keep your pet accidents from turning into impossible-to-remove stains, you have to act fast. The sooner you can clean up urine and other messes, the more likely you'll avoid stains in your living areas. Here's what you need to do.

Remove solids

Whether your pet vomited or gone poop, the first thing you need to do is remove solids from the mess. Put on some gloves, and then use tissue paper or a paper towel to gently lift away what you can. The more you can remove now, the easier the rest of the cleaning process will go.

Absorb liquids

Once solids are up, use a rag or paper towels to absorb the liquid. The idea here is to lift as much as possible to aid in drying and keep urine and other messes from setting in. For this step, you'll want to continue blotting until you can't remove any more liquid. Do not rub the stain as this can cause it to spread.

Treat stains

Depending on the type of accident your pet had, there may be some carpet staining. At this point, you'll want to use a spot treatment to lift the stain out. You can use a store-bought mixture or make your own. You can find plenty of recipes online, with the most popular containing hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, salt, and borax.

Spray your stain remover on the stain, and let it sit for a few minutes. Blot the stain with a rag or paper towel. If the stain remains, apply your stain remover again, and then gently work it into the stain with a small brush or rag. When you're done, use a clean rag or paper towels to dry the spot.


If your pet urinated or defecated on your carpet, it's a good idea to deodorize the area. This will prevent unwanted odor from developing and hopefully discourage your pet from having another accident in the same spot.

You can buy a store-bought deodorizer, or you can make your own using baking soda and vinegar.

When to Call for Professional Help

Despite your best efforts, pet stains on carpet can sometimes be difficult to remove. When this happens, it's best to contact a professional carpet cleaning service to help. These pros will have specialized tools for dealing with stains, and their efforts will ensure that your carpets stay clean and fresh for years to come.

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