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Wood Floor Oiling: A Hot New Flooring Trend?

There’s just something about a wood floor that is so much more stunningly beautiful than almost any other type of floor. A hardwood floor gives an element of class to any room it’s installed in. If taken care of correctly, your hardwood floor can last for the lifetime of your home. That, however, is one of the tricky things about hardwood floors: taking proper care of them. Here we’re going to talk about wood floor oiling, what it is, and how you care for these new flooring options.

Oiled Wood Floors

When you think of a hardwood floor, most people think of the traditional aluminum oxide finish floor. This is a standard type of wood floor where the finish actually sits on top of the wood. This causes a barrier between you and the wood which, in theory, is supposed to help protect the wood underneath the finish. With an oil finish, the finish actually soaks into the wood. This changes the very wood itself making the surface much tougher than a traditional hardwood floor.

You’ll find oiled wood floors through companies like Appalachian Flooring, Launstein and Harris Wood Floors. It is important to note, however, that while oil wood floors are stronger than aluminum oxide finished floors, the wood can still be nicked and damaged easier than some other types of flooring.

Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floor

So how do you take care of your oiled wood floor? First, it’s important to make sure that you clean it regularly. By this we mean simply vacuum it on a regular basis. You can vacuum it every week or every few days: the amount you clean it truly depends on the lifestyle that you have. Do you have a bunch of pets? The floor may need to be vacuumed more often. Is it just you and your spouse living at home? Once a week may be more than enough to keep the floor clean of dirt and debris.

Doing a Deep Clean

A deep clean is recommended for an oiled wood floor about once every month. This type of clean requires that you use a cleanser that has been made to work solely for wood floors. The product has to be an oil base that helps to protect the wood. If you don’t do this correctly or use the wrong product, it’s very possible to damage your wood floor. That’s one reason why owners of oiled wood floors often contact a professional company like Silver Olas to do a thorough clean of their wood floors a few times a year. Doing this ensures that your floor is going to be beautiful for a very long time.