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Your Tile and Grout Cleaning Guide

tile and grout cleaning san diegoCeramic tiles are perfect in your kitchen and bathroom, and they look great right after you install them. Unfortunately, the tiles and grout can often take on a dingy, dirty appearance after some time, leaving you completely frustrated with this great flooring option. Is there anything you can do once they don’t look quite so amazing? Absolutely, and this guide can help.

Step 1: Preventative Maintenance

A few steps each day will go a long way toward keeping your tile and grout clean and fresh. Each day (or at least every other day) sweep any loose dirt, dust, and particles up with a broom and dustpan or a vacuum. That will help ensure particles aren’t damaging the surface of the tile and grout and don’t accumulate over time. You may want to place rugs at each entrance to the room, too, to help trap any dust and dirt before it reaches your floor.

Step 2: Day to Day Cleaning

A few times throughout the week, you’ll want to do a slightly deeper cleaning. Using a green cleaner, spray your tile and grout down and wipe it gently away with a microfiber mop. You don’t want to use a heavy or abrasive cleaner. Instead, you’ll simply want to make sure it stays as clean as possible during your mid-week cleanings to prevent buildup without the abrasion. While a soap and water mopping may help, the soap build-up can actually make your tile look dull over time, so working with a simple, green cleaner is a far more effective step than a simple mop with soap and water.

Step 3: Professional Cleaning

Two to three times a year, you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional tile and grout cleaner to continue to look great. While many people don’t bother, the reality is that a professional cleaning at least once a year is absolutely necessary to make sure your flooring looks amazing. Professionals have equipment and cleaning options DIYers just don’t, and we can ensure your tile floor looks fantastic. Silver Olas uses the best possible methods to help keep your tile and grout look great. From hand scrubbing the dirtiest grout to machine scrubbing every inch of your flooring to the final steam clean, we do things other companies just don’t. We even seal the clean with a solution that protects it between professional cleanings.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning San Diego

You want your ceramic tiles and your grout to be the highlight of your home. Keep them that way with regular professional tile cleaning from Silver Olas.