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The Safety of Professional Carpet Cleaning - Oceanside Experts Answer

Silver Olas has been cleaning Oceanside carpets for generations. Widely considered one of the best floor cleaning companies in the area, they handle carpets, tile floors, wood floors, and so much more. One of the most often asked questions in the age of concern about chemicals in homes, though, is regarding the safety of professional carpet cleaning. Oceanside residents who have worked with Silver Olas in the past, though, know that this is one of the safest choices available.

Why It's Safe

Over the years, we've found some of the best methods in the industry to ensure your carpet is not only clean, but it's a safer kind of clean. Thanks to our larger vacuum hoses, our sophisticated soiled water recovery system, and the safer detergent options we use with your carpets, your home will not only look better than ever, but it will be much cleaner. For your home, that spells two layers of safety. The first is that you won't find us using dangerous chemicals that might affect those in your home with breathing problems or your little ones. The second layer of safety, though, comes in the cleaner carpets themselves. Did you know that up to 2,000 dust mites can live on just a single ounce of carpet dust? More than that, though, people shed millions of skin flakes over the course of a day. Much of that gets picked up in your carpet as well. If you have a little one crawling around your home or you deal with asthma and other breathing problems at your house, keeping those carpets clean is an absolute must, and Silver Olas can help you do just that in an incredibly safe way.

Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Remember, though, not all carpet cleaning was created equally. At Silver Olas, we use only the most advanced techniques and the safest products to ensure your carpets are clean and dry before we leave. That means everyone in your household, even your pets, will finally experience a clean they can trust. Within just a few hours, you'll have a cleaner, fresher home. Not every carpet cleaning company can say that, though. Some use cleaning detergents packed with dangerous chemicals or even substandard equipment that may spell problems for your family. Instead of risking any potential problems, call Silver Olas today to set up your next appointment for carpet cleaning in Oceanside.