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Dealing with Water Damage Repair: San Diego Homeowners Guide

After the expense of installing beautiful tile or stone, waxes, oils, greases and dust can dull the finish or create uneven appearances, particularly in the grout lines. But water can sometimes do the most damage to your beautiful tile or grout. How can you avoid water damage or deal with it after you discover it? Water damage repair. San Diego homeowners use these services all of the time. Learn why now.

Water Damage Comes In Many Shapes

You don’t always have to be facing a leak or overflow to have water damage to your tile or stonework. Most damage to tile and stonework comes in the form of everyday use. For example, a drink spilled on the floor or counter, muddy footprints and pet accidents can create a stain that, over time, never goes away. Bathroom tile and stone can often suffer from damage delivered via shampoos, cosmetics, and other products that leach into the work. Tiles that have not been properly glazed, for example, may absorb odors, bacteria and allergens.

Take Quick Action

If you do have spills or pet accidents on your flooring, clean them up immediately. Sometimes that is not possible, though, such as if the family is away all day and comes home to a mess on the floor! In those cases, it is best to contact a professional for a full cleaning with the appropriate products for your flooring. The proper care of your tile and stone can vary, depending on what kind of tile or stone you had installed, and over the counter cleaners can sometimes cause more damage than clean. A professional cleaner will know the proper technique for your unique flooring.

Water Damage Repair in San Diego

Worried about the cost of hiring a professional cleaner for water damage repair? San Diego homeowners know that shouldn't be the case. Silver Olas can help you find very favorable rates compared to having to replace surfaces or repair damaged tile or stone.