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Floor Cleaning Tips: Tile Polishing, San Diego Professional Help, And More!

When you first get new tile installed, no matter whether it’s on a wall or on the floor, it looks absolutely gorgeous. New tile is pretty and pristine and looks fabulous. But before you know it your tile needs to be cleaned. Footprints, food, paw prints - all of these things make it easy for your tile to start looking grungy and gross. It can almost seem like a never ending challenge to keep your tile looking fantastic. Here are three tips that will help to keep your tile looking great even months after you get a tile polishing. San Diego professionals like Silver Olas can help with the first step, but what can you do? Keep reading!

Clean Your Tile Regularly

It’s a good idea to make sure that you clean your tile regularly. Vacuum the floor every few days to pick up any sort of dirt that may be on it. The faster you pick up the dirt, the cleaner your tile will stay. Life is busy and it can be tricky to keep up with housework, so try something like this: make a schedule for each room. Monday, the kitchen gets cleaned, Tuesday, the bathroom, Wednesday, the living room, and so on. Focus on one room each day and you’ll be able to keep the whole house looking spick and span much more easily. Make sure you don’t forget any wall tile! Wall tile can be easy to forget because you don’t walk on it so you may think that it doesn’t get dirty as quickly. Unfortunately, it does. Make sure you wipe down all wall tile regularly.

Clean It Quickly

When you have children messes happen regularly, and even if you don’t have children you may find that messes happen regularly. Have a klutzy day and you may feel like you’re dropping everything on the floor. With our busy schedules, it can be easy to ignore whatever small mess you’ve made, telling yourself that you’ll clean it later. This is definitely something you should not do! As soon as you make a mess, clean it thoroughly and properly. The sooner you clean it, the less likely it is to stain.

Call Tile Polishing Experts Like Us

Getting a professional tile polishing company in San Diego is a good idea. It’s something you should do regularly, maybe a few times a year, if you want to keep your tile looking pristine. It may seem like an expense you don’t need but not only will your tile look cleaner, it will likely last a lot longer if it’s professionally cared for regularly.