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Keeping Your Carpets Clean In the Face of Covid-19

Whether you’re still at home or you’ve started venturing out more, the chances are good that Covid-19 isn’t far from your mind, and if you’re like many people, you’re taking the steps you can to prevent your family from becoming ill with the virus. One of the biggest concerns is that this virus can sit on any kind of surface, including your carpets, for hours, which makes cleaning your carpets now more important than ever.

Your Floor Is a Touchpoint

Not sure how often your floor might end up becoming a danger? Most people don’t consider their floor a touchpoint, but the reality is that in high traffic areas, your floors are just as likely to end up with virus particles embedded as any other surface in your house might be, and that can make carpet cleaning ever more important.

Carpet Cleaning & Disinfecting During Covid-19

So, what can you do to help keep your home clean? Regular vacuuming is a good place to start. Be sure to use a HEPA filter. You may even want to consider doing so at least once a day. Having people remove their shoes before they come into the house may be a good way to keep germs out, too.

If you have babies or pets, you may want to do additional disinfection on a regular basis. The same is true if anyone in the house has been infected. There are several spot cleaners that may be effective to use between professional cleanings.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning can also really help. While it may not completely prevent the spread of Covid-19, it can absolutely decrease the chances of the virus surviving deep inside your carpets which is the perfect way to keep your floors cleaner, especially if you have had a professional carpet cleaning in some time.

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