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Oil Finished Wood Floors and You

There are some industries that change quickly and there are others that tend to take their time moving into the future. One industry that has been slow to change is the wood flooring industry. It seems like wood floors have been the same for close to a century. Now, however, wood flooring companies have realized that they are only helping themselves by going with new trends, and the newest trend is oil finished wood floors.

Oil Wood Flooring - Stronger Than Poly

Oil finished wood floors have recently become much more popular than traditional wood floors for a number of reasons, the biggest being that they are much stronger than a traditional polyurethane finished wood floor. With polyurethane, you’re creating a barrier between the wood and whatever is on top of it. When this barrier breaks down over time, or when damage occurs and your floor is involved, it can be easily damaged. With oil finished wood floors, however, the oil actually bonds to the wood and changes its structure, so even if the floor gets dinged up a bit, the oil has penetrated enough to make the first few layers below it strong enough to withhold even more damage.

Oil Finished Floors Look Great!

Another big reason why so many people like oil finished wood floors is their appearance. They have more of a matte look instead of a shiny finish, and that can truly be a stunning choice, especially when paired with the right furniture. The oil finish actually enhances the natural beauty of the wood, and if you use texturing techniques, such as wirebrushing, you can get a truly unique and beautiful take on wood floors that will enhance your home a great deal.