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Take Better Care Of Your Stone Floor! A Cleaner In San Diego Can Help

There’s no doubt about it – stone floors lend an air of luxury and elegance to a home. To keep a stone floor looking its best, it often requires a professional who knows the secrets of a stone floor cleaner in San Diego.

Advantages To Having A Stone Floor

  • Stone floors can be beautiful and very durable. They can last a long time and can potentially be a fit to any room décor. Stone floors can be used for both inside and outside purposes.
  • Stone is a solid choice. Stone is a very hardy material than can, quite literally, last forever. Buildings, both interiors and exteriors, have been made using stone for centuries.
  • Seamless transition. If stone is use both inside and outside, it can create a seamless flow in and around your home.
  • Stone is cooler in warm weather. For those who like to stay cooler on the warmest of San Diego’s days, stone is also cooler. Average temperatures in San Diego don’t get as hot as some other places, but the luxuriousness of cool stone has many merits nonetheless.
  • Helps keep allergens to a minimum. Stone is a nonporous surface, giving allergens and dust no real place to hide. Stone can be a very effective option for greatly reducing allergens for allergy or asthma sufferers.

Keeping Stone Floors Clean

Cleaning stone floors can be a delicate balance of handling the stone with care and using time-tested techniques to achieve the best overall end result. In the case of stone floors, faster is not always better. Stone surfaces need special care and attention to return the surface to its original dazzling appearance. Keeping the grout clean in between the stones helps substantially with a sharper appearance as well.

Repairing Stone Floors

While cleaning a stone floor, many times little signs of damage that could have been hidden under a dust or dirt particle can be found. A good stone cleaner in San Diego should also be able to recognize and repair scratches.

Polishing Stone

Restoring stone to its former lush and lavish appearance can also be aided with the help of a stone polish. Diamond metal and resin pads can also help remove scratches and brighten up areas that have turned dull over time.

Sealing Finishes For Stone Floors

After cleaning stone floors, an advanced sealer that acts as a water repellent can be applied over and into the stone and grout to help keep the stone surface looking better longer.It can also help the stone surface stay cleaner longer.

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