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Chemicals vs. Tile Steam Cleaning - San Diego Professionals Weigh In

There are two main options when it comes to tile cleaning: chemical or tile steam cleaning. There are some people who want nothing to do with chemicals. They try to avoid chemicals in all aspects of their lives because they worry about the effects chemicals may have. Then there are those who swear by chemicals, who think that they’re the best thing science has invented. How about when it comes to cleaning tile? Homeowners who have tile in their home often wonder if it’ a better idea to use chemicals or if they would be better served hiring a tile steam cleaning San Diego company. Let’s take a look at both options.

Chemical Tile Cleaning

There are many chemical tile cleaning options available on the market. Go to any grocery store or department store, and you’ll see all sorts of different options available to clean your tiles with. Most homeowners who are trying to clean the tiles themselves jump for these options, and, in reality, they’re not bad options to have. They’re often great choices for daily or weekly cleaning.

Acid is one option that you’ll find is very popular. When the right acid based cleaner is applied to the grout and the tile, the bond between the grout and the minerals that are staining it becomes looser. This allows them to break easier. You will likely still have to do some scrubbing, but the acids will help to break down any lime, rust or calcium deposits that you may have. It’s important to note, however, that while most tile cleaning products are safe to use, some of them are not. Some will actually take a small, micro layer of grout off of the tiles, which means that if you use the product too much you may have an issue with your grout later on.

Tile Steam Cleaning - San Diego's Best Bet

When you hire a steam cleaning company like Silver Olas, you’re getting experts who know how to handle tile. They understand that not all tiles are made the same and they know how to properly clean each type of tile as well as the grout. A steam cleaning machine can work wonders when it comes to making tile look and feel like it’s brand new again. People who don’t like chemicals can feel comfortable knowing that most tile steam cleaning companies don’t use chemicals when they work. The best part is that the job gets done much faster than if you were to do it yourself.

So which should you use, tile steam cleaning or chemical? For a deep clean, hiring a steam cleaning company is definitely the way to go. Learn more when you contact Silver Olas today.