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Travertine Cleaning Between Professional Visits

covid tile cleaningTravertine floors have been popular for centuries, and it’s not hard to see why. The earthy tones are good in any context, and the floors themselves are incredibly durable. Travertine tiles aren’t like other stone floors because the stones themselves are so different thanks to the way they form. As the rock cools and rises to the surface of the earth, carbon dioxide leaks out of it and creates tiny pores in the surface of the rock. These pores, however, make proper travertine cleaning an absolutely essential know how. Without this key knowledge, you could cause irreversible damage to your house.

Choosing the Right Travertine Cleaning Products

You can’t just use any cleaning product on your travertine floors. Travertine tiles are delicate and can only take certain chemicals and certain pH balances. Even dish soap can dull or discolor your tiles, so be sure that you only use products that are specifically marketed to clean travertine floors. Before you start cleaning, make sure to test your cleaner by rubbing a hidden or inconspicuous part of your floor before spreading the solution over your entire floor.

Travertine Tile Cleaning Process

Cleaning your travertine floors can be easy if you just know what you’re doing. Before you begin mopping chemicals all over your tiles, it’s important to dust and clean all crumbs and dirt off your floors so that you don’t cause an adverse reaction. Dust mops can be helpful here, as they’ll catch both crumbs and dust.

After your floors are semi-clean, you can begin to mix your cleaning solution (using the manufacturer’s instructions) and wet your mop. Note that your mop should be damp, not soaked, as that can lead to mold growing under your floors. Mop your entire floor, and then you should rinse your floor and dry it with a dish towel or soft cloth.

Professional Travertine Cleaning

Keep in mind that these tips will help you keep things clean in between professional visits. Having regularly scheduled professional travertine cleanings will help to ensure your floor looks absolutely gorgeous throughout the life of your home.