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Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad CA

Carpet is among the best flooring choices for your home, but the key to making it look great is regular cleaning and maintenance. When you are in need of carpet cleaning in Carlsbad, CA, one name stands out above the rest – Silver Olas. With our vast experience, knowledge and advanced tools, our professional team is your best option to have your carpets cleaned properly the first time.

As the leading carpet cleaning service in Carlsbad and the greater San Diego area, we welcome all local homeowners to experience a combination of cleaner carpets and the highest level of customer service. We are trained to clean every type and style of carpet, whether natural or synthetic. Our unique carpet cleaning process, guaranteed to be safe for children and pets.


Carpet Cleaning In Carlsbad CA Service Package:

  1. Our technician reviews your cleaning needs, including the condition of your carpet and the main areas of concern. These areas can include spots, stains, and heavy traffic areas. We then present you with a cleaning plan, as well as an exact estimate for the extent and cost of our service.

  2. If needed, your carpets are thoroughly vacuumed to remove any dry soil. We also have a built-in heavy duty vacuum that we use for the thorough cleaning of any problem areas.

  3. We move your smaller furnishings to a safe area, such as chairs, coffee tables, end tables, night stands, and other small items are all part of our package. Please let us know of any additional furniture or valuables that need to be moved before cleaning can commence.

  4. For every job, we treat carpets with a pre-conditioning solution to ensure safe yet effective dirt removal. Expert spot removal is used on all pet stains, soda spills, and heavy soiling.

  5. We utilize water heated up to 240 degrees, which produces pure steam that quickly cuts through grease and soil. Our exclusive soil water recovery system features higher vacuum lift settings, a vacuum hose 40% larger than the average household unit, and a Teflon super velocity vacuum glide. This helps us recover more dirty water for optimal results.

  6. Our new 360-degree fan moves at 40mph right over your carpet, which dries the area within minutes. This technology, along with our vacuum improvements, results in dry carpets within three hours of cleaning.

  7. We apply a carpet protection formula, which can keep your carpets cleaner for a much longer period of time. Carpet protection does not guarantee that the carpet can never be soiled again, but it does mean that spills and spots can be removed in a faster and easier manner.

 If you carpet requires more than the standard care package, we implement our special Restorative Carpet Cleaning for Heavy Soiling package. In addition to the steps listed above, we use specialized technology, including our pre-spray formula, to help free your carpet from any stubborn dirt.

All of our IICRC certified technicians know how to ensure that your carpet is cleaner than you ever thought possible. Utilizing the safest and most efficient methods in the industry, we provide a superior clean that will last longer and keep your home healthier. In addition, we have a 30-day guarantee to prove it! If you have a single problem with our work within 30 days, we will come back and clean your carpets a second time, completely free of charge.

 When you need quick, professional carpet cleaning in Carlsbad, CA, contact us at Silver Olas today. Simply dial 760-957-0731, and we will send one of our expert carpet cleaning technician within one day of your initial contact.

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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

General Carpet Cleaning Questions

Professional Carpet Cleaners


How to get wine out of carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Red Wine Carlsbad CASpilling wine on a carpet does not mean the carpet is ruined. You have a bit of time before the stain fully sets in. Follow these steps and you should be able to remove the entire stain from your carpet.

Blot The Excess Wine

  • Get a cloth, preferably a white cloth, and blot up the excess wine. To avoid rubbing the stain in, use an up and down dabbing motion, but also don’t push into the carpet too hard.

Loosen The Stain with Cold Water

  • Once most of the excess wine is gone, get some cold water and pour it onto the stain to loosen the stain from the carpet. Don’t pour too much water, just enough t help blot more of the stain out. Once you are no longer able to blot out any more of the stain, go to the next step.

Make a Baking Soda Paste

  • Next is to make a baking soda paste. Start with just 1/8 cup of baking soda and slowly pour in water as you go. It should look like and have the consistency of toothpaste.

Apply the Paste, Let Dry, and Vacuum

  • Apply this to the stained area. Using a toothbrush will help rub it into the stain and release it from the carpet. Once the paste is dried up, vacuum the stained area and you should no longer see any traces of wine left.


Depending on the size of the stain and spill, this might be a good first option. However, if the situation is out of your control, call on us to get your carpet cleaned properly and professionally.


How to get sand out of carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Sand CarlsbadAlthough not the worst thing for you carpet, having sand in your carpet can result in carpet damage without proper treatment.

  1. React quickly. Once you notice or think there is sand in/on your carpet, vacuum immediately. This will ensure that most, if not all, of the sand is taken care of right away. Leaving it for too long will allow it to settle deep within the fibers of the carpet making it much harder to clean.
  2. Use a Brush. If the initial vacuuming did not do the job, next is to try using a hard bristle brush and to gently brush the carpet (As to not damage it further) to loosen up the sand from the carpet fibers. Once you've finished brushing, vacuum again.
  3. Professional Help. If there is still sand stuck in the carpet, you could try using a wet/dry vac. This would be the best type of vacuum to use for this situation, however we would like to warn you that renting one of these vacuums for a local store may still no clean your carpet 100%. They are not properly maintained and have lost suction over time and uses. If this is your last step to getting sand out of your carpet, call us to come clean your carpet. We will ensure the carpet cleaning is don't properly and all sand is taken out.


What is the easiest kind of carpet to get cleaned?

If you’re looking to buy a carpet, one thing to keep in mind is how easy it is to clean the carpet. There are many different types of carpet to choose from that will suit your needs.

  • Nylon – One of the most common fibers used in carpets. It is the most durable and easiest to clean making it a popular choice. However these carpets can be pricey.
  • Polyester – This fibre is not as durable as nylon and does not conceal stains well. However it is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive carpets out there.
  • Olefin (Polypropylene) – Much like the polyster carpets, olefin does not hide stains very well and is not very durable, but it is cheaper than most carpets.
  • Wool – Wool carpets are soft to walk on and easy to clean as the fibers have natural water repellant properties as well as less static electricity which means less dirt will be attracted to it. Due to these properties, wool carpets are more expensive, but rightly so.
  • Acrylic – Acrylic carpets is the closest synthetic fiber to wool and is primarily used for commercial purposes. It offers resistance to dirt and static and is easily cleanable.
  • Triexta – A newer type of carpet fiber that offers high durability and stain resistance making it a good choice for families with children and pets.


All carpets are cleanable. As noted above, carpets made out of specific fibers are easier to clean. The easiest to clean, depending on the situation, would be a anylon carpet. The most resilient carpets are wool and its synthetic counterpart, acrylic. If you require assistance in getting your carpet to look like new again count on us.


How often should I vacuum my carpet?

As a general rule, homeowners should clean their carpet at least twice a week. It is recommended to clean high-traffic areas like living rooms more frequently, on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, pet owners greatly benefit from vacuuming their carpets daily, as your beloved dog or cat leaves hair, dander, and other allergens that may not be visible to the naked eye.


What do I do after a flood and my carpet is soaked?

  • If the water is coming in through a damaged waterline, find the shut off valve to stop more water from entering your home. Be careful near the damaged area.
  • If possible, move personal items that have not been damaged from the water to a safer place. You may not realize some of your items will be lost in the water damage, so be sure you get everything that is important to you out of harms way.
  • As soon as you are able to, either get a wet/dry vacuum to clean up the water, or call us for professional flood and carpet cleaning service. We have the most efficient and effective tools to remove the water that has entered your home.
  • The rooms affected by the water damage must then be properly dried out. This is best done with a series of fans and dehumidifiers to both dry out and remove excessive moisture. The quicker this is done, the less damage that will be done to your home, furniture, and flooring.
  • Unfortunately, the padding underneath your carpet will likely need to be replaced, however your carpet is savable. As we specialize in carpet cleaning, we can steam clean your carpet and flooring to properly sanitize and deodorize. We will make sure your carpet is fully cleaned of any dirt from the water damage as well as mold removal.


How does mold form on my carpet?

Mold growth requires several ingredients: moisture, oxygen, a source of sustenance, and a surface to land on. When naturally occurring mold spores land on a moist carpet with dust to feed upon, mold will soon begin to grow. For this reason, the most at-risk carpeting is typically located below ground level, as well as in humid or damp climates.


How long until I should replace my carpet?

A common consensus among carpet manufacturers is that carpets should typically be replaced after approximately 10 years with proper care and maintenance. After a decade, there will be prominent signs of wear and tear, particularly in high-traffic areas, and the carpet will lose their original texture.


What’s the difference between steam cleaning and regular carpet cleaning?

The main difference is the extent of the cleaning process: While regular carpet cleaning removes the dirt and allergens on the surface of the carpet, steam cleaning removes not only surface pollutants but also those that accumulate within each fiber of the carpet.


How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

Experts recommend that homeowners have their carpets cleaned by a professional at least once a year. The deep cleaning provided by a professional steam-clean protects the carpet from vast accumulations of pollutants that would normally occur, ensuring that a biweekly vacuuming is all that you need for a clean and healthy living environment.


Will my carpet grow mold after its steam cleaned?

Contrary to popular opinion, steam cleaning does not contribute to mold growth. The carpet must retain moisture for several days in order for mold to develop, whereas steam cleaning speeds up the drying process for the precise purpose of preventing the development of mold.


How do you clean carpets?

At Silver Olas, we have a unique process that removes the dirt and allergens lurking beneath the surface of carpets using safe, non-toxic materials. To facilitate faster drying, we utilize specialized fans that encompass the entire room and dry the carpets in a single hour!


Do you pre-treat the carpet before cleaning?

Yes – in fact, every carpet cleaning package includes vacuuming, spot cleaning, pre-conditioning and truck-mount steam cleaning for optimal results.


Can you remove odors from my carpet?

Yes – steam cleaning is designed in such a way that it removes not only visible stains but also “invisible” pollutants such as odors.


Do I need to move the furniture before a carpet cleaning?

This depends on your individual needs. If you wish that your carpet cleaning specialist focus on high-traffic areas only, you can leave your furniture where it is. However, if your goal is a wall-to-wall clean, it is recommended to move any items that you see fit to an area that is not being cleaned before the service technicians arrive.


Why choose us to clean your carpet?

Silver Olas is the one-stop shop for any and all of your carpet cleaning needs. Not only do we extend the lifespan of your carpets but we also protect the floors underneath and create an allergen-free environment for children, pets, and individuals with respiratory problems. From difficult stains to pet odors and everything in-between, you can count on us.


If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning in Carlsbad or surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to call or email us today!