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Dedication to beautiful tile surfaces. It’s what any grout cleaning Carlsbad service should offer, and Silver Olas goes above and beyond that call. Dedicated to today’s best industry practices and standards, Silver Olas has a staff of IICRC Certified Technicians who regularly undergo training in the newest tile cleaning practices, so you’ll get professional-grade stone and tile cleaning, at a price you’ll love.

What  Services Do You Need?

From your floors to your countertops, from your walls to the shower cleaning in your home, only Silver Olas offers guaranteed cleaning, grout sealing, and polishing of every type of tile and stone imaginable. Travertine, slate, marble, granite, and more are our specialty.

Restorative Cleaning Package With More

Every time you call Silver Olas for our Carlsbad cleaning services, you get a tile, grout, and stone cleaning package that just goes a bit further. Each visit includes a hand or machine scrubbing of the grout, as well as the high heat and high pressure rinse necessary to make your surfaces look cleaner than you ever thought possible. If you’d like, we can even finish the process with a unique sealant that works deep into the grout or stone to ensure spills and more are no problem in the coming months.

Here’s an overview of our process:

Each visit includes natural stone cleaning and polishing, machine scrubbing and brushing, truck mounted high heat rinse, and a final wipe down to help ensure the surface looks amazing. If requested, we’ll be happy to include stone sealing safe chemicals and an impregnator sealant to ensure surfaces remain beautiful.

It’s time to restore those beautiful stone surfaces. Dull, uneven, blotchy finishes are no problem when you contact Silver Olas for Carlsbad tile cleaning. We even offer free estimates. What are you waiting for? Create that healthy, beautiful environment in your home or office right now.

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About Carlsbad Stone Cleaning and Grout Sealing

Whether Marble polishing, Travertine Cleaning, limestone sealing , slate or stone Cleaning, natural stone floors have a special appearance that can enhance the look of a whole room. Bathrooms with stone floors or showers can add much value to the home.  Keeping your floors in good condition can sometimes be a daunting task – poor maintenance can lead to the floors becoming permanently stained and quite dull to look at. Stone flooring is a good examples of why timely maintenance is crucial – they may look easy to clean, since spillages can be easily wiped, but these can infiltrate the stone and lead to ugly stains, or etch the finish of the stone. Any acidic chemical ,juice or wines can remove or damage your finish. Only professional polishing can restore these areas. Quality Sealers when applied can help prevent this type of damage. and this will be the scope of this article.

Stone and slate seem like  tough surface materials, but the reality is they can be damaged and scratched easily .Typically from dragging furniture or chairs without felt protection on the bottom. Stone and grout both need sealant to protect and keep their appearance  and stop stains from absorbing deep in the stone or grout. Since grout is a porous substance – it’s a mix of cement, sand and water – dirt, grease and oil can easily get there and once it’s in, chances to clean it up are slim.

Regular sweeping  or vacuuming – at least on a weekly, if not on daily basis – can protect your floor from scratches from dirt or small pebbles or other items. Treat any spillages of grease and oil in the kitchen immediately as they  can stain the floor if you don’t deal with them . General cleaning and maintenance is no longer too difficult with the invention of swifters, micro fiber towels , and steam mops (like the shark)Old school mopping no longer work as they just spread dirty water around the stone and grout. From time to time  you will have to call in a professional Stone Cleaning Company and make sure to also ask for stone sealer or grout sealer . A good floor restoration company that will help you get your stone tiles back to their previous state can save you money and much time.

A good stone floor is generally not cheap, and an investment to protect it could save you money and lots of hassle in the long run. Using a quality sealant or sealer is a must for almost any type of flooring and also for all surfaces where grout or natural stone is placed, like bathrooms, counter tops or kitchen floors or wherever you have stone , inside or outsied. Sealer protects the stone from wearing as fast or from spills. and should be applied every couple of years to keep your floors in good condition. Think of it like a clear protection barrier that goes over the grout and helps keep water or spills out so that it doesn't begin to mold. It also keeps dirt on top of the surface – it doesn’t sink into the porous grout -- so that you can wipe or vacuum it off easily.

Depending on the type of sealer used, you will have to reapply it after another four to six years. On average, most brands recommend 2-3 years before they need maintenance. Make sure to follow the indications on the bottom of the box if you are applying the sealer yourself and always call in the professionals if you are unsure.