Tile Shower Cleaning And Sealer $199

Carlsbad is home to some of the most beautiful real estate in California. Lots of properties back up to the ocean and have wonderful soaring cliffside views that look right down into the water. Lots of homes in Carlsbad have tiled floors, and quite beautiful ones at that. Decorated in stunning colors, set in beautifully against the rest of the house . . . these tile floors are absolutely gorgeous. But they’re not as beautiful when they’re covered in gunk and dirt.

How do you keep your wonderful Carlsbad tile floor looking shiny and clean?

Keeping Your Floors Debris Free

One of the most essential things that will keep your floors looking brand new is to keep loose debris off of them! Notebook crumbs, stray cereal, lost earring backs- all these and more can wedge themselves into the crevices of your floors. Making sure that your floors are free of debris will always keep your floors looking fresh.

The Right Materials

Choosing the right cleaning materials for your floor is also a great way to keep your ceramic tile floors looking stunning! You should always clean your ceramic tile with a mild soap and clean, fresh water. It’s best if you apply that soap and water to a soft rag or a mop, but not a sponge mop- opt for a more traditional chamois mop with all of the strings to ensure that all the cracks and crevices in your tile floor get cleaned. Once you’re done cleaning, you should use a soft cloth to dry your floors quickly. Don’t let water sit on your tile, because it’ll form water spots and ruin the look.

The Haze of Cleaning

Sometimes, cleaning your floors can leave them a little hazy-looking afterwards. This is just a little bit of soap left on your floors, and nothing to worry about! You can clean it off with an all-purpose cleaner, but you need to make sure that it’s non-abrasive first. An abrasive cleaner might scratch the floor that you’ve worked so hard on.

If you’re looking for real beauty in your tile floor, schedule a professional tile cleaning Service . Carlsbad residents know Silver Olas is the place to turn when you want real cleaning help. Learn more when you book a free consultation today.