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Rug Cleaning in Carmel Valley

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Many people think that they can clean their carpets or  rugs themselves without incident. The fact is, carpet cleaning is not an easy thing for just anyone to do, as it requires special equipment and certified training . Carpets and area rugs have many different fibers and styles that require different cleaning procedures. Such as Berber carpets, wool area rugs, polyester, silk, rayon, Persian rugs, Oriental  area rugs, nylon and more. All of these different fibers and styles can be damaged if improper cleaning agents, spot cleaning, or cleaning method is used.

Attempting to clean rugs on your own will usually involve exposing your investment to permanent damage, potentially ruining your carpets or  rugs. Carmel Valley rug cleaners are highly experienced in all these fibers and styles, and can ensure that your rugs will not get ruined during the process. With our own full Rug cleaning shop, Silver Olas can clean and protect your beautiful rugs. Also, our highly specialized equipment ensures that your rugs can be cleaned and dried in a matter of hours; a process that may well take days   to dry if you were to do it yourself.

Carmel Valley Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least every year in order to ensure a healthy home, long carpet life, and to fulfill the Warrant obligations. When difficult spot cleaning is necessary, Carmel Valley rug cleaning professionals can certainly be of service. Treating such problems as pet urine,wine stains, deodorizing , red stains , grease and oil . Whether you need work done on a small square of carpet or an entire home, hiring Silver Olas carpet cleaning professionals is the best option.

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