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Many homeowners are concerned about air quality, but hiring a Del Mar carpet cleaning company like Silver Olas just once or twice a year can help everyone breathe easier.

These days, air quality is a real concern for everyone. Statistics indicate that the number of kids born with asthma, allergies, and other breathing problems is on the rise, and because many airborne allergens can trigger a serious attack, more homeowners are turning to Del Mar carpet cleaners like Silver Olas to eliminate the problem entirely.

Healthy Carpet Cleaning Del Mar

Recently, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggested that exposure to air pollutants inside could be a hundred times more problematic than exposure outside. Keeping your home free of problems is more important than ever, and having a professional carpet cleaning just once or twice a year can go a long way toward ensuring good air quality within your home.

The National Institute for Health has said, in numerous studies, that indoor allergens can trigger not only chronic conditions, but also a wide variety of symptoms like watery eyes, sore throats, runny noses, and even headaches. Your carpet can play host to many of those indoor allergens, but hiring a professional team to clean your carpets can help to eliminate the problem.

For Del Mar carpet cleaning it drying time has always been a concern.Being so close to the ocean the humidity level is always higher. For those that know don't know, Steam cleaning is the only method that the carpet manufactures solely recommend. This can be disconcerting to some people as they have hired carpet steam cleaning in Del Mar , usually by untrained and under priced cleaning companies,because the carpets took forever to dry and the results were less than average. The solution is to hire a company first that understands the problem and is motivated to have the answer and with a long track record such as we have at Silver Olas Carpet Tile and Flood Cleaning. We have managed to be able to clean carpets in del mar and have the first room or two dry to the touch by the time we leave.Yes, That Is Amazing, And Yes , that makes our carpet cleaning customers Very happy. Other areas  we clean in the house take 2 to 3 hours typically to dry depending on the soiling condition or the thickness of the carpet. We do clean wool carpets and berber carpets and nylon carpets or any other blend. Our secret for the fast drying steam cleaning is our increase in vacuum performance and our advanced wand that allows us to take advantage of our increased vacuum.With more vacuum , we are removing more water than any other carpet cleaner would remov. This increase in water removal also means increase in DIRTY water removal which means cleaner carpets and FAST drying steam cleaning Carpets in Del Mar.Call the best Carpet cleaning company in Del Mar

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Silver Olas uses some of the best new tools in the industry to get rid of problem allergens hiding deep within the fibers of your carpet. By employing eco-friendly soaps and a unique fast-dry technique, you’ll not only get clean carpets del mar  when you contact us, you’ll get them faster than ever. Our IICRC certified technicians can eliminate any stains and restore your carpet to its natural beauty during the cleaning process too. Expert spot cleaning is always included. Call us today for a free written estimate, and get on your way to a healthier living environment. Jimmy Olas, owner of Silver Olas, was born and raised right here in beautiful Del Mar. Our family has served the Del Mar area with a variety of services since 1970. You can trust us for all your cleaning needs, area rug cleaning, tile cleaning, stone cleaning, wood floor cleaning and more.

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