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Encinitas Carpet Cleaning

Why Clean Professionally with an Encinitas Carpet Cleaner?

It is impossible for even the top vacuums on the market to remove all dirt particles from your carpet.  These can penetrate into the fibers and, ultimately, damage them.  Your carpet can look worn and shabby long before its time.  But a bigger concern is your family’s health.  In addition to dirt, mold, mildew, pet dander, and bacteria finds their way into your carpet and can negatively affect the quality of your air.  Having a professional cleaning extends the life of your carpet, keeps it in top shape, and reduces allergens.

Why Use Encinitas Carpet Cleaning Service Silver Olas?

Silver Olas, a top Encinitas carpet cleaning company provides professional service and outstanding results that will keep your home beautiful.  We offer free in-home estimates to ensure that we develop an appropriate cleaning plan and will be able to deliver optimal results. During the cleaning and fast drying process, which is greatly shortened due to our use of advanced technology, we make every effort to leave behind a clean carpet and nothing else ( we only rinse with pure water  , leaving no residue) , including chemical smells or wet floors and of coarse no sticky residue. Guaranteed. We guarantee our work within thirty days to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your results no returning spots. Expert spot cleaning is always included in every cleaning. Steam cleaning in  encinitas has never been easier. Restorative steam carpet clean is the most effective with machine scrub and  full rinse removes the most amount of dirt.

There are many Encinitas carpet cleaning services, but only Silver Olas offers fast, effective cleaning, reasonable prices, and a process that will have you back in your home in no time. Check our third party reviews on the home page.

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San Diego Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Experts, Silver Olas Can Help from Oceanside to San Diego & from Temecula/Murrieta down to Escondido to Mira Mesa

The Best Carpet Cleaning You'll Ever Have....It’s Guaranteed!  If you see a single return problem within thirty days, we’ll be back to clean your carpets a second time, free of charge.

Certified odor and urine treatment specialists, we are trained to clean any carpet type or style, natural or synthetic, and our unique process is safe for both children and pets.

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Carpet Cleaning Service Package

Our regular service package includes the following:

Step 1. Pre Inspection & Price Quote

Our trained technician will review your cleaning needs, the carpet condition and areas of concern including spots, stains and heavy traffic areas. We’ll present you with a cleaning plan and an exact price for service.

Step 2. Dry Soil Removal (Vacuuming)

If needed, your carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove additional dry soil. We also have a built-in heavy duty vacuum in our van that we use during our cleaning to ensure we thoroughly clean any problem areas.

Step 3. Furniture Removal

In order to get the best possible cleaning, we’ll move your smaller furniture items, and it’s included in the price. Chairs, coffee tables, end tables, night stands (when requested) and other small items are all part of the package. Please let us know of any additional furniture need you may have so we can make arrangements to ensure you get the clean carpet you deserve.

Step 4. Spot Removal & Pre-Conditioning

In every job, we treat carpets with a pre-conditioning solution to ensure safe dirt removal. Expert spot removal is also used on all spots from pet stains to soda spills to heavy soiling.

Step 5. Hot water extraction with PURE, CLEAN, TREATED WATER

Using water heated to up to 240 degrees, steam during cleaning quickly cuts through grease, oils and soils. Our enhanced soil water recovery system, which include higher vacuum lift settings, a 40% larger vacuum hose, Teflon super velocity vacuum glide, and more, helps us recover more dirty water to ensure you have the cleanest, softest, driest, carpet cleaning, guaranteed! Only two percent of other carpet cleaners have these new technologies, but they’re just part of our standard service package.

Step 6. High Speed Drying

Our new 360-degree fan moves air at 40 mph right over carpet to dry the area in minutes. This technology, along with our vacuum improvements, results in dry carpet within three hours of cleaning.

Step 7. Carpet Protection Application

Our Protection Formula is optional, but it can help to keep your carpets cleaner for a much longer period of time. Carpet protection does not mean the carpet cannot be soiled again, but rather,
that spills and spots can be wiped up and cleaned a bit easier.

San Diego Carpet Cleaning Services

Sometimes, though, carpets need a bit more than our standard service package, and in cases like those, we recommend our Restorative Carpet Cleaning For Heavy Soiling package. All of the above steps are followed, but during the actually cleaning phase, we’ll use specialized technology to help scrub in our pre-spray formula. This will loosen the embedded soils, which is ideal in the case of heavily soiled or seriously matted carpets.