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Encinitas Water Damage

Surviving After Flood: Safety Tips in the Aftermath

Have you suffered from Encinitas Water Damage? If so, then you are now facing the very big task of trying to save your property and belongings.  One has to act very quickly to ensure that this goes right, but he or she should not go into the process blind. Keep these safety tips in mind as you walk through your front door once again.

Electrical Equipment 

Under this category are many typical household appliances, such as furnaces, freezers, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators.  These pieces of equipment can present a great deal of risk if not handled correctly after high waters move into the home.  If your appliances were waterlogged during the event, avoid plugging them in or turning them on.  This is a very important piece of advice.  These products should be inspected by a professional electrician before being operated, as they can pose a serious threat of electrical shock.

Gas Operated Appliances

Even household equipment that does not rely on electricity, but operates entirely on natural gas, propane, or oil power, must be treated with care. The gas company should be on sight to inspect the pieces before they are used again.  Failing to abide by this guideline could result in a gas explosion and fire.  Gas control valves on furnaces and water heaters should always be replaced after being submerged.  They are not safe for use after getting wet and can pose a serious risk of explosion.

Cut Carefully 

A common problem of flooding is the massive amount of debris that it can carry and deposit on homeowners’ properties.  This might mean that one has to pull out a chainsaw to cut large branches, trees, and other materials so they can be made small enough to cart away.  However, using a chain saw is a very dangerous task and should be attempted with great care.  The best models are those equipped with safety features, such as hand guards, chain brakes, and vibration reduction.

If you are ever unsure about a particular problem that comes up after flood waters have ravaged your home, then it is always safest to ask the pros.  They are on hand to provide the answers that could reduce the risk of injury or even save your life.  Remember, you love your home and want to see it renewed, but it is not worth losing your life for it.  It may be best to call in the experts.

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