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Every floor is different. In fact, each type of floor has incredibly unique traits, and that can only mean one thing for keeping your floors cleaner: individual cleaning requirements. Whether you have beautiful ceramic tile, stone, wood, or even carpet, you have to know what is required for each different type of floor before you begin cleaning. Using the same methods on hardwood as you might on tile could mean ruining your floor type.

Not sure even where to begin when it comes to floor cleaning? Don’t worry. You don’t have to grab those knee pads and scrub brushes yet! Here you’ll find the easiest, safest methods available today, no matter what type of floor you have. At Silver Olas, we’ve been helping San Diego home owners get their floors cleaner for decades, and we’re happy to offer you the tips and tricks you need to keep you floors spotless and new with regularly updated articles.

A cleaner floor means a healthier home, and we regularly feature the latest ideas to help make that happen. If you want the best clean possible, we can help there too. Just contact us for a free estimate and professional floor cleaning help to keep your home beautiful and healthy.

Stone floors have a unique ability other flooring choices simply don’t. They provide a soothing ambiance and a natural rustic feel to any situation- but it can also be very easy for them to get worn down over time. Stone floor restoration can be a simple and easy process with these helpful tips!

Tile floors might be beautiful and easy to maintain, but many things can scratch up your floors and make them look filthy. Not cleaning your floors can cause some permanent damage, so it’s best to keep scrubbing and make your home look great! These tile and grout cleaning tips can help.

Picture this: You’ve just bought your dream house, and it’s beautiful! It’s everything you’ve ever wanted. The living room floor is wood, real wood, real polished and oiled wood. It’s perfect- but there’s a catch. You don’t know how to clean your wonderful new wood floor. Read more to learn what you can do to make wood floor cleaning easier than ever.

With all the talk of keeping things clean to keep the spread of the virus down, you may be wondering exactly how to change your routine. Keep reading to learn more about how professional floor cleaning can stop the spread of the virus in your home.