Tile Shower Cleaning And Sealer $199

Chemicals vs. Tile Steam Cleaning - San Diego Professionals Weigh In

There are two main options when it comes to tile cleaning: chemical or tile steam cleaning. There are some people who want nothing to do with chemicals. They try to avoid chemicals in all aspects of their lives because they worry about the effects chemicals may have. Then there are those who swear by chemicals, who think that they’re the best thing science has invented. How about when it comes to cleaning tile? Homeowners who have tile in their home often wonder if it’ a better idea to use chemicals or if they would be better served hiring a tile steam cleaning San Diego company. Let’s take a look at both options.

Floor Cleaning Tips: Tile Polishing, San Diego Professional Help, And More!

When you first get new tile installed, no matter whether it’s on a wall or on the floor, it looks absolutely gorgeous. New tile is pretty and pristine and looks fabulous. But before you know it your tile needs to be cleaned. Footprints, food, paw prints - all of these things make it easy for your tile to start looking grungy and gross. It can almost seem like a never ending challenge to keep your tile looking fantastic. Here are three tips that will help to keep your tile looking great even months after you get a tile polishing. San Diego professionals like Silver Olas can help with the first step, but what can you do? Keep reading!

Carpet Cleaner Encinitas

Expert  carpet cleaning  can be one of the major gifts you can provide to your home, and to your health.  Dirty carpets can hide bacteria, filth, and mildew that concern the quality of air in your home.  With Silver Olas’s Encintas Carpet Cleaning service, you will observe the difference a dirt free carpet makes in your home.