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Wood Floor Cleaning Oceanside

Many people talk about how much they love carpet in their homes. It can certainly look beautiful, for awhile at least. It's soft and comfortable under your feet. While carpet is one great floor choice, wood floors might be a better one if you're looking for a more durable solution.

Keeping Up Hardwood Floors

You are likely thinking, “Wood floors?!? I don’t have time to keep up wood floors! They require a lot of time!” You're not wrong. They must be swept, scrubbed, rinsed and vacuumed. Plus they will have to be re-sealed every now and then. You might not have the time to maintain your wood floors, but we do. At Silver Olas, we've been specializing for decades in wood floor cleaning. Oceanside residents just like you have been calling us for decades.

A Better Wood Floor Cleaning Company

We specialize in a variety of flooring types, including wood floors. If you call us and ask us to come and take care of your wood floors, we will send out one of our highly trained, highly knowledgeable technicians to clean and seal all of the floors in your home. We even have a new wood floor cleaning system that scrubs, rinses, and vacuums all at once. It does a phenomenal job and saves our technician time so that they can then go back and focus on sealing your wood floor. Plus, with our new technology, you are able to get back into your rooms faster than when we used our old ways of cleaning and maintaining your flooring surface. Thus, wood floor cleaning in Oceanside starts with just a phone call.

Make That Call Now

Those who are pro-carpet may think that having wood floors taken care of by Silver Olas is costly. However, they have forgotten to take into account that they are going to be spending all kinds of money replacing their carpet multiple times, whereas the hardwood floor, so long as it is properly taken care of is going to be durable enough to last for a very long time. Thus, spending a bit of money to keep it properly maintained will be nothing near the amount of money that would have been spent on new carpet multiple times. Give us a call today, and learn just how powerful a cleaning from Silver Olas can be.