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Rancho Santa Fe Carpet Cleaning

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Clean carpets mean great health. Many Californians deal with problem health issues like allergies and asthma every day, and keeping your carpets clean can mean the difference between safe breathing and an allergy attack.

Great looking carpets are important. From spaghetti sauce to baby food, to household pets, a lot can alter the look of your carpets, and that can not only lead to a poor impression of your home, but also breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Only professional cleaning can help take care of the most serious stains and eliminate the problem before it becomes more serious. Pet stains are also important to take care of  as soon as it happens. Blot using a dry towel first and then with a lightly damp towel. Follow up with a dry damp one again. This can greatly increase the chances of urine not damaging the carpet with a urine stain , and for further odor problems.

The Right Rancho Santa Fe Carpet Cleaning Company

As important as appearance is, carpet health is often more important, and the right Rancho Santa Fe carpet cleaning company can help your carpets last as long as your home does thanks to regular cleaning and maintenance. Using our services just twice a year may mean the difference between restoring your carpets to their original texture and replacing them much sooner than desired. Wear and tear doesn’t have to mean replacing your floor – it could just mean one call for a professional carpet cleaning.

Silver Olas is a professional Rancho Santa Fe carpet cleaning service with more than a decade of experience. Because we employ only the latest techniques, you get great quality results with our satisfaction guarantee. With 3 different carpet cleaning methods, Steam Cleaning, low moisture (aka, dry carpet cleaning) and Restorative carpet cleaning you can Get the results you need right now. Give us a call.

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