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Solana Beach Water Damage

Can You Save Your Carpet After a Flood?

Carpets are often the most impacted parts of the home after a flood. Waterlogged carpeting can leave one scratching his head.  Is it possible to save the wall-to-wall rugs?  Yes, it is, but you will have to act fast and with the right plan in mind.

Dry it Out 

The good news is that the majority of the carpets that are impacted by high waters can be dried out and brought back to their original state of beauty.  However, if the carpet remains wet for too long, the carpet fibers will begin to rot, which is the reason for the rush after the waters move out again. In addition to rot, there is also concern about mold and mildew in flooded homes.  The best bet is to pull the carpets out and move them into direct, warm sunlight.  This will dry them quickly, which increases one’s chances of saving the flooring.  Keep in mind that this process is not as easy as it sounds.  

Pulling up carpet is not always an easy task to begin with.  Add to that the fact that waterlogged carpet can weigh up to four times as much as dry carpet and the stakes are raised substantially.  This is one of the many reasons that homeowners should seek out help after a flood.  It will likely take several people to get the carpet out and into the dry, warm air.

Should You Bring in the Flood Restoration Pros? 

In the past Solana Beach water damage has been quite significant and the truth of the matter is that saving carpets requires quick and effective action.  The best equipped individuals are those who have spent years being trained and gaining experience.  The professional flood damage companies have the tools to do the job right as well.  Within a few hours, the pros can be in your home, going to work to remove the water, reduce the risk of mold and mildew, and to bring the beauty back to your home again.

What Other Options Do You Have?  

In some cases a carpet has been left in the water too long or wasn’t in the greatest state to begin with.  Often, in these instances, it is not worth the effort and expense required to properly dry the flooring.  When it is too late or the carpet is too far gone, the home insurance company can be called in to access the damage and may be able to compensate the homeowner for the removal and replacement of the carpeting.

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