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Temecula Water Damage and Flood Restoration

Temecula Water Damage is a company focused on elite flood damage and contents services. They can restore water services to both residential and commercial properties in Temecula following some sort of a natural disaster or industrial accident.

What kind of natural disasters?

Being on the Pacific Ocean, California is often exposed to El Nino heavy rain storms from the west and Flash flood storms from the north. This can cause flooding . Additional flooding and water damage can be caused by torrential rains, which are also a frequent occurrence particularly in the late spring or the early summer. When there is a lot of precipitation, then flooding can occur. Additionally, when the snow melts in the spring, it also has the potential to swell rivers and cause deluges. Insurance is the first step The first step to combating Temecula water damage is to take out adequate insurance. Your policy should be robust enough to cover all sorts of “Acts of God” as they are called in the industry. It should not just be insurance for the residence itself, but also for the contents. You should be covered in all ways possible so if the unthinkable happens then you can get some recompense. Hire an insurance agent to come out and evaluate your property, so that you can be insured against water damage in Temecula.

What could be damaged?

While hardwood floors are particularly beautiful and really improve on a home’s appearance, in the case of water damage they can suffer the most. Severe water damage caused by flooding after a natural disaster, or accidents where a sink overflows or a pipe bursts below the floor, can cause wood to buckle and warp if the drying process is not begun soon enough. Even after a few days of constant exposure to water if the wooden floors are submerged, they can suffer immense damage and may need to be replaced entirely. This is why an insurance policy that allows for this unfortunate occurrence is an absolute necessary if you live in an area like Temecula which is susceptible to water damage.

Temecula Water Damage specialists offer the service of drying out your wooden floors using high tech machinery the moment the water threat has receded. It might not be possible to save your entire flooring, but you can certainly salvage a lot of it. The costs for Temecula Water Damage will be covered by your insurance and you may even make a legal profit in the form of compensation if you are able to have your services paid by the insurance. In the end, the repair bills, also paid by the insurance company if you’ve chosen a good and fair provider, will be a long-term way for you to improve your property as you can then use a newer or nicer model if the older one is not available.

Special drying attention

Temecula Water Damage provides special attention to hardwood and tile floors when they repair the damage to the flooring. There are several ways in which the water can damage the floor and all of them require a different approach when drying out.

These are


  • When water rises from below the subfloor and becomes trapped between the wood floor and the subfloor
  • Sanding the floor flat while it still retains moisture (this is a huge mistake that no professional would ever do)
  • When the floor dries the edges sink and flatten back into position, but now the top of the edges have been sanded and the center of each strip is higher than the edges (this is called crowned flooring)


Different services

There are a variety of services offered by Silver Olas to people who need help managing or dealing with water related problems. First, there is a 24 hour emergency service. They provide information and agents to go out on call to clients if necessary to evaluate insurance claims and so on. Direct insurance billing is offered to make it convenient for you to set up monthly direct deposits with your bank so you never miss a payment and are always covered. Automatic renewal is also offered for insurance premiums by the water damage firm so that you never miss coverage.

Silver Olas takes care of all of your water damage cleanup and restoration needs, from water extraction and removal to complete water damage repair and reconstruction. We handle any type of emergency water damage at your commercial or residential structure, from broken and leaky pipes, toilet and sink overflow, and dishwasher, washing machine or water heater malfunction to storm or flood water removal and cleanup.

Services to repair hardwood floor water damage, drying out wet basements, sewage and biohazard environmental cleanup in cooperation with the EPA if necessary, drying out of structures, cleaning and carpet cleaning services, tile cleaning, grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Do not delay with treatment! If your property has experienced any water damage, then do not delay the restoration and treatment. Not removing the water in time and not treating the affected area in time will cause structural damage that can increase exponentially depending on how much time it is left in a terrible state. If water seepage into the walls and floor boards causes structural damage, then the value of the property could drop to nothing! In case of flooding, call your insurance provider and Temecula Water Damage as soon as FEMA or the emergency services allow you back to your property to evaluate damage.

Temecula Water Damage and Flood Restoration Specialists

Additional problems with carpeting that has suffered water damage If carpeting has suffered water damage and the water is not removed within 24 hours, then the carpet can become delaminated, which simply means the fibers separate from the net. This makes it extremely difficult to reinstall the carpet and it might have to be removed completely and a brand new one reinstalled. Often it is also difficult to remove certain odors and smells after very severe water damage, so you might want to get a new floor anyway. Temecula services The city provides this variety of services to its residents and many other cities across the country also provide similar. Temecula Water Damage provides a 24/7 service so that you are covered no matter the time of day or night.

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