Tile Shower Cleaning And Sealer $199

Are you in need of cleaning services in the Vista, CA, area? If so, look no further than Silver Olas for any and all of your house cleaning needs.

Residents of the seaside resort city of Vista, like in any other city, are often in need of a professional cleaning that simply cannot be achieved with household techniques and materials. That is why we offer a full selection of services for a wide range of needs, performed by skilled and experienced individuals for optimal results every time. For Carpet cleaning we always do all the steps that most companies skip. This includes we first vacuum followed by spot cleaning the bad spots like urine spots or spills. Then we pre condition all the carpet followed by scrubbing with a machine that helps to loosen the soil and lift the carpet pile. Truck mount steam cleaning is next to rinse all the dirt out , we then place high powered fans to help get your carpets dry fast. Call Silver Olas for Carpet cleaning in Vista ca. 

For Tile Cleaning or Stone Restoration in Vista, we vacuum the floors as needed. Silver olas hand scrubs the grout lines and we have a great machine that scrubs the grout and stone or tile floors to loosen all of the embedded dirt . Steam cleaning rinse on the floor removes all the loosend dirt and then we can apply appropriete sealer which is usually the impregnator sealer. For stone floors such as marble or travertine polishing is offered as well. Polishing is when you change the surface of the stone to desired shine. This Stone Restoration also removes damage to the finish caused by etching. The process is the same as cleaning stone floors but we add in honning. Honing is when you remove or sand / grind down the finish to prepare for polishing . After honing , we use polishing pads and powders to recieve desired results. 

Whether you are in the middle of an emergency or would like to schedule a professional cleaning service in Vista, you can reach us at:

Silver Olas

1278 Longfellow Road
Vista, CA 92081

Phone: (760) 753-0969

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Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 8:00pm

Our services include

24-hour flood cleanup

Carpet cleaning

Cleaning Service

Upholstery cleaning

Tile and stone cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning

Stone Restoration

And much more!