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Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup in Vista CA 


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Silver Olas takes care of all of your water damage cleanup and restoration needs, from water extraction and removal to complete water damage repair and reconstruction. We handle any type of emergency water damage at your commercial or residential structure, from broken and leaky pipes, toilet and sink overflow, and dishwasher, washing machine or water heater malfunction to storm or flood water removal and cleanup.

Preventing Sewage Back Up

What Should You Know About Sewage Systems

This integral part of a property is often taken for granted. Many do not recognize the vast importance of this system that comes into play each time the toilet is flushed or water runs down the shower drains.  The wastewater, which can contain harmful bacteria, a foul odor, and of course, human excrement, needs to be contained and cleaned before it is allowed back into the environment around the home.  Bacteria in the sewage tank feed on the solid wastes and decomposing the organic materials that exist within it.  The average septic tank is about one thousand gallons.  A system of pipes within the home ensures that wastewater is carried directly to the buried concrete- or steel tank.  There it is naturally cleaned by bacteria and then filtered into a drainage field.  However, when that field becomes saturated with rain water or overwhelmed by a flooding body of water, then the sewage leaching process of the cleaned wastewater is interrupted.  If too much water builds up, the tank can back up, sending the sewage back through the pipes and into the home.

Preventing Sewage Backup 

Long before one faces the Vista water damage left behind by flooding, there is typically warning and watch alerts issued by the weather channel and local news stations.  These are meant to provide homeowners the time needed to prepare the property for the potential flooding. It should also serve as a warning that the use of plumbing systems in the house should be slowed down.  By relieving the pressure on the system, the risk of sewage problems is reduced.

How to Cut Down on Water Usage 

Cutting back on water usage in the home is the only way to reduce pressure on the system.  This means flushing toilets only when absolutely necessary, avoiding long showers and turning off the water when shaving, using antibacterial waterless hand sanitizers instead of washing in the sink when possible, and preparing meals that won’t require an excess of dishes to be washed.  In addition, don’t leave the water running when brushing teeth and save the cold water that runs out when waiting for hot to reach the faucet.  Us this for cooking or water plants rather than letting it run into the sewer.  Dishwashers and washing machines use large amounts of water.  Reduce the number of loads run by using biodegradable paper plates and taking dirty clothes to the Laundromat until the threat of high waters has passed. This is also an excellent time to address leaky faucets that place added strain on the sewer system.

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