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Should You Have Flood Insurance in Rancho Santa Fe?

There are many common misconceptions about flooding that can cause a person to neglect the flood insurance that they will one day need.  Those who see their homes consumed by flooding and are left without the insurance needed to afford expenses are the living proof that this is a very wise purchase.

“My Property Can’t Flood.”

This is a commonly used phrase, which can end up costing homeowners their financial security down the road.  It is not always large bodies of water at fault in floods in Rancho Santa Fe. A snapped sewer line or even a heavy storm when the ground is already saturated can bring water into the home.  On in five homes will suffer from serious water damage at least once in a thirty year span.  

The  most common floods are due to malfunctions in appliances or toilet. Make sure you check the water lines going to these items to make sure they are not frayed or damaged. Toilet tanks can malfunction and overflow , regular checking of the tank insides and cleaning can prevent water damage to bathroom



If you are considering flood insurance, then now is the time to act.  One can never be certain when Mother Nature will act out and most policies have a thirty day waiting period.  That is to say that claims cannot be made on the policy for at least thirty days after the initial purchase.

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